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Registered Novant Health dietitian Carolina Garrison specializes in weight management and wants to help patients navigate a healthier lifestyle that lasts longer than any new fad or trend.

“I help people make healthy lifestyle changes, and working with a dietitian really kind of digs into the nutrition and a lot of the misconceptions of common nutrition practices out there to help patients lead and live a healthier and more sustainable, happier lifestyle,” Garrison told Patch.

That goal doesn’t always come easy, but that’s what many fad diets and weight loss trends promise.

“Those diets are set up for, for patients to fail on, none of them are meant to be long term successful ways of living. So, you know, a lot of a lot of patients I get are very, very discouraged,” Garrison explained.

One of the things that frustrates Garrison is the common misconception that a severe calorie deficit is the answer.

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“For some reason, 1200 calories is out there, like the ideal number for weight loss, when really that’s about the calorie amount that most toddlers need. So, and that’s a big eye opener for a lot of patients,” she said.




The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline hit a record high for the second consecutive day in San Diego County.

The average price went up 1 cent Thursday to $4.736. Prior to Wednesday, the San Diego County record high was $4.725 set Oct. 8, 2012. That record was broken when the average price hit $4.726 on Wednesday.

Marie Montgomery Nordhues, a spokeswoman for the Automobile Club of Southern California, told Patch on Wednesday that “every major Southern California metropolitan area except for Bakersfield has set a new record price.”

“We have been seeing gas price records being broken around Southern California in the past two weeks,” she said.

The average price in San Diego County has risen 16 times in 17 days, increasing 11.2 cents, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service. The average price was $4.699 one week ago, $4.627 one month ago, and $3.535 one year ago.

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The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in California is $4.725, while the average national price is $3.522, according to AAA.


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