5 Challenges Exporters Face In Traditional B2B Marketplaces

If you take a walk in a market and come across food items that are not local but rather foreign, you’re experiencing the impacts of global trade. Global trade or international trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries. International trade is the key to the rise of the global economy. In the global economy, the supply and demand of any commodity and its price influence and are influenced by global events. Global trade allows traders the opportunity to market their goods and services not just to the buyers in their home countries but to buyers in foreign countries as well. Now, how can a trader achieve that? 

Usually, traders around the world use their connections in the trading community to reach potential buyers. But, in this digital age, the traders who make use of this method are very likely to be left behind. One has to adapt and employ modern techniques to expand their reach globally. To do this, traders can register themselves on reputed online B2B marketplaces to showcase their products globally and connect with buyers and increase their sales. But choosing the right B2B platform can be a hassle. While traditional B2B platforms make multiple promises to attract customers, they fail to fulfil them. A next-gen B2B platform like Tradologie harnesses technology to the fullest to serve its customers. Following are the 5 challenges exporters face in traditional B2B marketplaces and the way in which Tradologie fixes them: 

) Getting leads and not buyers 

Traditional B2B marketplaces do provide you with inquiries but there are very good chances that the inquiry was made by a five-year-old randomly browsing the internet. Following up on the false inquiry will be a waste of the precious time and resources of any trader. Tradologie hosts a database of 600,000+ genuine buyers, that are verified and vetted by AI and the team. It also lets you connect with them directly and carry out your business seamlessly. 

2.) Extravagant Pricing 

Setting up an export business can become a tedious and costly affair if the right choices are not made. Traditional B2B marketplaces charge you for the promises they’d never fulfil. Tradologie’s pricing structure is not just cost-effective but also transparent. It has been tailored for the needs of both small-scale and large-scale traders. 60,000+ sellers from around the world trust Tradologie for its accessible prices. 

3.) Lack of assistance and support 

Any traditional B2B marketplace just connects you with buyers and everything that happens afterward is your responsibility. Tradolgie takes a step ahead and ensures a delivery from both ends. Not just that, in case of default from any party, Tradologie provides compensation for the losses that have occurred. 

4.) No opportunity 

Getting yourself listed in the market database is not enough. It does not allow traders to showcase their services to the fullest. Tradologie not just gets you listed but creates a microsite for you showcasing your company details, achievements and

offerings. This makes your business look legitimate in the eyes of the buyer which in turn attracts more sales. Tradologie markets your product for you with its expertise in the global market. 

5.) No payment security 

Traditional B2B marketplaces only give you leads and nothing else is provided from their end. Any discrepancy that takes place in the payment process is not their responsibility. Tradologie revolutionises payment security as all the payments are secured via LC or through an Escrow account.


It is easy to give in to the false promises traditional B2B marketplaces showcase. Making a judicious choice with the right research is the way to success. Tradolgie’s outlook to its customers and the transparent process keeps you in the loop all the time. 

Tradologie aims at providing ‘you’, the stakeholders with a platform that replicates the current trade practices and provides inquiry to payment (End-to-End) solutions to help you conduct international business in a transparent and cost-efficient manner.


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