5 tips when choosing the ideal home purifier

Having quality water for domestic use, free from bacteria and any impurities is essential for every household. And to make this possible, the water purifier is one of the indispensable appliances in any home.

With so many purifier options available on the market, some people have difficulties when choosing this device, and with good reason, as it is a device responsible for leaving the water in good condition for drinking, it is necessary to be very careful at the time of purchase.

With that in mind, we prepared this article with 5 tips to choose the ideal water purifier best seller for your home and ensure the health of the whole family.

  1. Check available space and form of supply

The first tip is very basic and concerns the space where the purifier will be installed and the type of supply.

People often install the water purifier on the wall, on top of the sink or on supports, near the faucet or plumbing. If refueling is manual and the device is portable, it can be placed wherever it is most convenient.

It is also necessary to check the water pressure at the site, if it is not enough, it will be necessary to install a pressurizer.

  1. Confirm that the purifier has received INMETRO’s test

Since 2010, INMETRO controls the quality of water purifiers available on the market, taking into account three criteria: bacteriological efficiency, retention of solid particles and chlorine reduction.

For the purifier to be ideal, it must have the INMETRO seal with the indication of approval and confirmation that the three criteria were followed. This is important because these factors guarantee the purity and complete cleanliness of the water, making it ideal for consumption.

  1. Analyze the quality criteria

Regarding the INMETRO seal, which guarantees that purification follows the necessary quality criteria, it is important to know the following specifications and characteristics of each criterion:

Retention of solid particles: has the function of eliminating slime, clay and rust from the pipe. The solid particle retention function has six levels: (PI to P-VI or AF level). The PI level is what is capable of retaining even the smallest particles, which increases the guarantee of filtering capacity of the purifier.

Chlorine reduction: indicates if the water purifier is efficient in the function of eliminating chlorine from the water. The percentage of chlorine retention passes through three levels: CI to C-III. CI rating (above 75%) indicates that the appliance has maximum levels of chlorine removal.

Bacteriological efficiency: indicates whether the purifier is efficient in eliminating bacteria present in the water, which, if left unchecked, can cause illness.

  1. Consider cooling option and power consumption

Many purifiers have the function of cooling water, eliminating the need to refrigerate it in the refrigerator. This type of device is usually more expensive than the one that only purifies, but some people prefer this practicality, even if they have to get a little more.

Those who opt for the model with refrigeration, in addition to being able to pay more when buying, need to be aware of energy expenditure, which is directly related to this function.

To make sure that the purifier complies with the energy consumption parameters, it is important to check if the PROCEL seal indicates A efficiency. In this case, the energy expenditure will not be excessively high.

It is also important not to forget to check the voltage, whether 110V or 220V, to avoid problems when installing.

  1. Check the deadline for changing the purifier filter

The purifier instruction manual presents the ideal time to change the filter, which is usually every six months, but there may be models with a filter guarantee for up to one year.

It is important to say that the filter must not be washed or sanitized and its replacement within the indicated period is essential for the water quality to be guaranteed.

To help remind you of the right time to change, many devices have a filter change alert function.

Now that you know what to consider when choosing your water purifier, feel free to choose the one that best meets your needs from our options with guaranteed quality and efficiency.

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