9 Proficient Tips to Make a Worthwhile Move!

Shifting from Mumbai to Mangalore for a business assignment might seem to be an interesting and new adventure but the level of toil the whole project will include may give you a panic attack. The reason we are saying this is because yours is a hurriedly planned move with no assistance from the professional packers and movers in Mumbai. What else can one say, after all, moves are challenging?

But with the following 9 pro moving tips shared in this post, you can eventually cut down the amount of moving stress and have a peaceful move!

1. Do not wait for the next day – If you are planning your move in a hurry, quite obvious is you cannot afford to go too easy on your packing tasks and other move-related preparations. You have to be on your tips and you have to wrap up multiple things at a time simultaneously. You can seek help from your friends, neighbors; members of your family, or whoever you feel like to speed up the process but then you have to ensure every pre-move task is attended to in a minimum amount of time.

2. Pack and keep aside essentials – So, it is not just about packing toiletries like shampoo and hair oil but all the readily available food items that you are planning to carry with you during the move. Since this is one such bag that you can easily pack on your own, without anybody’s help, you can quickly manage the packing of this bag. Pick up a spacious, easy-to-carry bag for the purpose that has compartments and zips. If you are placing liquids inside, make sure they are amply wrapped in stretch wraps and placed upright.

3. Pack the medicines separately – Do not keep medicines with other fragrant things. The aroma of the perfumed bottles of shampoo, shower gel, etc. would influence the medicines and reduce their effectiveness. So, it is better if you choose a sturdy box or container to keep your medical care items like pills, ointments, gels, etc. Keep this box handy by placing it in the side bag you will carry yourself during the move. Also, make sure you carry extra medicines for the common health illnesses that one might encounter during long journeys.

4. Decide your clothes – Everyone in the family, including you should plan their outfits for the moving day. The outfits should be simple, cotton, and comfortable, not something that is a challenge to carry. Pair up the outfits with comfy shoes is recommended. For kids, it is advised that you carry a few extra pairs just in case they ask for a change during the journey or if there is some health issue like vomiting or so. Along with that, take care of their meals too. Carry easy-to-digest food for them so they do not remain hungry.

5. Manage tricky packing – Have you commenced with the packing tasks of the complicated items at your place like the electronic items, the appliances, the furniture, and more? If not, then do it. If you are unsure of handling them alone, you can at least pull them to pieces so that when the professionals reach your place for the packing task, they quickly handle the task. In case you choose to do any of the complicated packing chores, wear gloves, be careful, watch your step, seek help, have someone along, and gently do the process. Or else, leave the entire job to the professionals only.

6. Prepare all artwork – The second most important and risky category of items that one has to carefully pack for the move is the artwork or any other kind of specialty items. Whether it is a painting or a sculpture, a décor item, or some sort of accessory, one must arrange top-notch packing materials and opt for the proficient handling techniques to take care of the process. Every item of delicacy should be mindfully handled and packed in specially designed, corrugated boxes that offer unmatched protection owing to their wall of cushioning.

7. Inventory smartly – The moving inventory sees multiple revisions until the copy you hold in your hands seems worthwhile. So, ensure that the first copy you will make of it is inclusive of every item in your household. Do not leave aside anything – check every room, every single space of your household so that none of the items is left aside but are packed within the moving boxes. Then gradually, think through the items you would not want to move with you – all the old, damaged, broken, obsolete items should not be moved but either be sold, discarded, or donated before the move.

8. Read contract papers – Make sure you are proceeding with the moving deal you have shortlisted only after giving its agreement a thorough read. You cannot be sure of the legitimacy of the company unless you go through the terms and conditions, policies and testimonials, services and rates, etc. of the moving company. Along with this, there are thousands of other things that should be taken into account before you finally acknowledge a deal. So, be a vigilant customer and go through everything before you accept a mover. Communicate with the movers face-to-face and do go for an in-house goods survey.

9. Pack or get everything packed – No matter whoever is packing your belongings, you or the moving specialists you have appointed for the move, if you are not taking care of the correct way of packing, even the best moving plan can fail. So, ensure when the movers are packing it, you are overseeing their process and assisting them whenever they are asking you for something. Check if the packages bear complete name labels and every moving carton has plastic stretch wrap layered on the top. Keep the final moving cartons in one separate room so your packing space does not turn problematic.

We hope every time there is a move happening in your life, you are referring to the effective moving advice shared in this post. Also, never underestimate the professional assistance from the movers and packers in Mumbai you have hired for the project because relocations do call for expert assistance.

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