Aeronautical Engineering Course Fees in Universities in India

Before discussing the Aeronautical Engineering course fees in government approved colleges/universities in India, let us first discuss the Aeronautical Engineering course in depth. Aeronautical Engineering is the undergraduate engineering course that is relevant to the designing, planning, construction, manufacturing, testing, inspection, and upgradation of aircraft and their components. This course is of four years in which students will study the subjects related to the components of the aircraft such as engines, wings, navigation and guidance controlling systems, etc. Students in colleges/universities will gain practical and theoretical knowledge about the workings of aircraft and their tiny and complex components. After clearing all the semester exams, student will get an Aeronautical Engineering degree. With the help of that, they can work as an engineer in the aviation sector. Students who are passionate about aircraft can pursue this programme and build a mesmerizing career in the aviation sector.

Aviation is growing tremendously in India, which results in great career opportunities for these engineers. India has put their steps in the manufacturing business of aircraft, which led to an increase in jobs for Aeronautical Engineers. Aeronautical Engineers have a promising future in airlines, aircraft manufacturing companies, aircraft parts manufacturing companies, research organizations, colleges and universities, and other organizations.

AME CEE Entrance Exam Aeronautical Engineering Course Fees in India

The AME CEE entrance exam Aeronautical Engineering course fees in India must be paid to apply for this entrance exam. Students who have completed or are appearing in 12th grade with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or 3years engineering diploma can apply for the Aeronautical Engineering common entrance exam. AME CEE is the platform to offer admission to one of the top Aeronautical Engineering colleges/universities in India with up to 100% scholarship. The Aeronautical Engineering course fees in India will be Rs 800/- for General/OBC Males and Rs 600/- for All Females/ SC-ST candidates. After registering for the AME CEE at from, an exam will be conducted which student should qualify to get admission and scholarship. The AME CEE admission and scholarship of the student will be based on the All India Rank (AIR) scored.

Aeronautical Engineering Course Fees in Colleges and Universities in India

Aeronautical Engineering course fees in Colleges/Universities in India will vary from college to college depending upon numerous factors. The factors can be infrastructure, locations, facilities, placement records, etc. The Aeronautical Engineering course fees in colleges/universities in India may range from Rs 4 to 8 lakhs for the whole course. This fees include admission, tuition, books, university exams, laboratory, etc. which will be paid semester-wise or yearly. The colleges may include some extra fees for extra curriculum activities like sports, swimming, etc. Extra curriculum activities are necessary in colleges to release burden of the studies and to keep the mind calm. It also benefits the fitness of the students; Aeronautical Engineering course fees must be paid by the student who wishes to pursue this course.

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