Agricultural E-Commerce Market Demand, Size, Share, Scope & Forecast To 2030

Network marketing is a crucial platform and media for agricultural goods business, which is primarily for agricultural products processing, agricultural sales, and other information published and related network information collecting . To transform the conventional business model of agricultural product sales, there is a category of business platforms for agricultural products called B2C models.

The production of agricultural products has become a significant way to rely on the sale of agricultural products to raise farmers’ income as a result of societal progress and development over time, in addition to meeting basic human requirements. There are several restrictions if farmers rely solely on their own power to process agricultural products, but the sales channel is the biggest issue.

Agriculture E-commerce has the potential to address several challenges constraining the performance of India’s agriculture sector by creating new links between participants along the agricultural value chain.

Agricultural E-commerce Market is presently valued at USD 30.68 Billion and is anticipated to amass a valuation of USD 50.63 Billion in 2030, amplifying at a CAGR of 7.42% over the forecast duration

Potential benefits Agricultural E-Commerce Market:

  • Waste reduction
  • moving past information asymmetries
  • financial participation
  • Budget and efficient markets improvements

Key Trends:

Competition among players operating in the agricultural sector has surged strongly in the past few years. Offline sales have increased the pressure of supply chain, cost, and intermediaries within the entire ecosystem. E-commerce is an efficient tool for micro and medium size businesses as it is helping sellers to reduce their transportation costs, while providing them with easy access to untapped markets.

Global Agricultural E-Commerce Market: Segmental Analysis

By Deployment:

  • On-cloud
  • On-Premise

By Platform:

  • Mobile-based
  • Desktop based

The Top Key players:

 Yihaodian, Amazon, COFCO Group, SF Express, Benlai Holding Group, Natures Basket Limited, Supermarket Grocery Supplies Pvt. Ltd., Grofers India Pvt. LTD., Ninayo, FarmFresh, Alibaba Group, and Company.
Notably, in July 2018, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative inked a partnership deal with iMandi with an aim to develop an e-commerce platform for small scale farmers.

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