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Looking for Magento development services to take your e-commerce store to the next level?

Ahom Technologies can help with our staff of expert Magento web developers – pricing for our custom development starts at $10,000 and is 100% transparent – you always know exactly where your money goes. Scroll down for more details or fill out the form for an exact quote!


Magento Web Development Services

Whether you’re looking for Magento web development pricing or general ecommerce store pricing, Ahom Technologies can provide you enhanced support within a highly complex, custom ecommerce website. Ahom Technologies’s Magento web development services can provide you:

  1. A custom quote based on the scope of your ecommerce development project and your budget.
  2. A more powerful and intuitive ecommerce platform built so you and your team have more control over business workflow.
  3. Highly-skilled Magento web developers with the experience needed to custom-build and install your Ecommerce platform.


We came to Ahom Technologies to redesign our website. Along the way, their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail lead us to partnering with them on multiple other projects and long-term campaigns.


What is Magento?

Magento is an intuitive, feature-rich ecommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their storefront. Magento can be used for any size ecommerce store, whether it has just a few items to tens of thousands of products.


It’s the world’s #1 commerce platform and has over 250,000 merchants around the world.


Magento development services and pricing?

Whether you’re looking for specific Magento development pricing or general ecommerce pricing, we’ve provided a useful tool below that can help you estimate the cost of your next ecommerce website project. There are a lot of things to consider when developing any ecommerce store, but this calculator will help you to think about the most common components and provide you with some budgetary numbers for your initial planning stage.


Once you’re ready, feel free to follow up with us about your ecommerce project, and our Magento Web developers will work with you to fine tune a solution based on your requirements and business goals.


Why choose Magento as a CMS?

As a content management system, Magento is a very powerful and intuitive platform built with a modular architecture that allows an online merchant to have more control over business workflow as well as better insight into online sales activities. All the core elements to any top-performing ecommerce store come as standard features, along with many advanced features, where most other ecommerce platforms would require additional components to be installed or custom development work.


Here are just a few of the advanced features that Magento provides:

  • Enhanced Content Management System
  • Completely customizable
  • Mobile commerce capabilities
  • Flexible coupons and pricing rules
  • Manage multiple storefronts from once instance of Magento
  • Easily sell and track downloadable products
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Quick, one-page checkout
  • Real-time shipping and tax calculations
  • Full suite of analytics and reporting options


Here’s the best part: the Magento platform is open source, which means there are no subscription fees or licensing costs. Additionally, you are not locked in with a company’s proprietary ecommerce platform. Magento is supported by hundreds, if not thousands, of development resources, so committing to use Magento ensure that you’ll be able to support, enhance or move your ecommerce store as defined by you.


Ahom Technologies is experienced in creating brand-new Magento sites as well as handling existing Magento storefronts.


Ahom Technologies is a leading Magento web development company

Magento is packed with features and advanced settings, and a quality Magento Web Development Company will work with you to leverage the most out of what Magento has to offer and shape it to fit your business model.

If you’re looking to hire a Magento developer, we’re the perfect choice! Ahom Technologieshas an experienced team of skilled Magento designers and developers. We can provide highly customized solutions, and in turn, get your business online quickly, so you can start selling your goods and services.

If you’re looking for a professional Magento Web development company, then look no further than Ahom Tech!


Our web design Magento process

Our team of ecommerce and expert Magento Web developers will sit down with you to learn about your unique business goals and what you want to achieve with your ecommerce store. From there, we can create a practical solution to get you online and selling quickly. Once the plan is in place, our Magento designers begin creating an engaging, fully customized Magento theme. This theme will invite users to stay and shop and thereby drive conversions.


Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your website, our Magento developers will set up and configure your storefront and CMS, and integrate the theme throughout the Magento platform. Various development checkpoints occur internally to ensure your ecommerce website is functioning as expected. If any custom Magento web development is required for your project, those tasks are performed during this stage as well.


Toward the end of the development phase, any third party services (e.g., payment gateways, shipping APIs, etc.) will be integrated by our developers. Once this step is completed, your Magento store will be ready for beta testing. Finally, once testing has concluded, we’ll launch your store!


Our Magento Development Services

  • Magento store development
  • Magento theme development
  • Magento module development
  • Magento version upgrades (Magento 2.0 from Magento 1.9 and more)
  • Custom Magento extension development (Magento 1.x and Magento 2.X)
  • Magento plugins development
  • Migrating to Magento from other platforms
  • Implementing Magento along with multi-vendor plugin and different ERPs
  • Magento website optimization and server setup
  • Magento 3rd party integrations for Magento 1.X EE, Magento 2.X and CE
  • Magento support and maintenance
  • Strong expertise in Website Optimization and Server Setup

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