Aircraft Maintenance Engineering AME Course Fees in India

Before undergoing in the deep for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course fee in India, first we must be aware about the AME course. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is the one of the unique branches of the engineering that is relevant to the maintenance, upgradation, resolving issues, repair, and testing of the aircraft. The Institute of the AME course must be approved from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. DGCA is the body in India which deals with the rules and regulated of the civil aviation. This job profile deals with the safety and security of the aircraft and its passengers. The student pursues this course to build their mesmerizing career in the airlines, MRO organizations, Aircraft manufacturing Companies, Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies, etc.

The student appearing or passed 12th with PCM / passed 3 years engineering diploma should apply for the AME CEE Entrance Exam to get admission in one of the top Government approved AME institutes in India with up to 100% scholarship. The scholarship and admission will completely base on the All India Rank (AIR) of AME CEE. The registration AME course fees in AME CEE is Rs 800/- for General/OBC Male Candidates and Rs 600/- for SC/ST/ All Female Candidates.

How much Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Fees for the Best Institutes in India?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course fees for the best institutes in India may differ from one to another based on the facilities, infrastructure, location, faculties, etc. The AME course fees will range from 3 to 6 lakhs for the complete 2 years academic course. The fees can be submitting in the institute on the semester or yearly basis. The student can also apply for the education loan in the bank. You don’t have to worry about the high AME course fee structure as these engineers have a great salary packages depending on the skill-set and spend luxurious lifestyle. AME can build their amazing career in the private and government aviation sector worldwide as its license is internationally valid.

What is the Scholarship Applicable on the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Fees by AME CEE?

The scholarship will be applicable on the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course fees by AME CEE on the basis of their All India Rank. The student must take admission through AME CEE to be eligible for the scholarship programme. Scholarship will be applicable on the AME course tuition fees only.

AME CEE 2021-22 Session Scholarship

Scholarships will be applicable for first semester tuition fees, only for  those who takes admission
Ranks Maximum Students Scholarships on Tuition Fees
AME CEE 2022 Topper/Central Board Topper/ State Board Topper All 100%
AME CEE 2022 Rank 2 to 5 4 75%
AME CEE 2022 Rank 6 to 20 15 50%
AME CEE 2022 Rank 21 to 100 80 25%
AME CEE 2022 Rank 101 to 1000 900 10%
AME CEE 2022 Rank 1001 to upto 10000 9000 5%

AME CEE is the national level common entrance examination for admission in one of the premier Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering colleges/institutes in India. Students should apply for AME CEE 2022 to get up to 100% scholarship. The registration fees to apply for the examination is Rs. 800/- for General/OBC Male and Rs. 600/- or Female/ SC-ST Male. 
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