AME CEE 2023 Application Form, Admission Process

Whether the pace is slow or fast, the development process in the aviation industry goes on continuously. The way the interest of ordinary people in this direction is also growing, has given further impetus to the expansion of the aviation industry. Many foreign companies are also expanding their aviation business in India.

Apart from this, Indian airlines are also branching out by partnering with foreign companies. Investments are made continuously by the Government of India and the Indian Airport Authority to increase the capacity of the airports.

Naturally, employment opportunities have increased as a result of this expansion in the aviation sector. Opportunities aren’t limited to pilots or air hostesses, but exist in other forms as well. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is also a special option in this regard.

Role of an AME

The technical responsibility for any aircraft rests in the hands of the AME. Before each flight, the AME conducts a thorough inspection of the aircraft and issues a certificate proving that the aircraft is ready for take-off. It has a complete technical team for this job. No aircraft may fly without AME’s certificate of fitness. It is worth noting that about 15-20 engineers work behind one aircraft. From this one can estimate their need.

How to become an AME

To become a pilot, one must go through the process of obtaining a license. Similarly, to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, one must take a license. This license is granted by the Director General of Civil Aviation. Any institute, which offers related courses, must get permission for this from DGCA working under the Ministry of Aviation, Government of India.

Educational Qualification

Students wishing to enroll in this course must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Students who have passed the 12th grade of PCM can enroll in courses related to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Throughout the course, information on the various branches of mechanical engineering and aeronautics is provided.

Career opportunities will be found here

There are opportunities for such technical professionals all over the country and abroad. Opportunities are available in airlines like Air India, Indigo, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Go Air, besides these excellent job opportunities are also available in all airports and government aviation departments of the country. There are around 450 companies in India employing in this sector. The starting salary of an AME can be 20-30 thousand, which increases with experience and special education.

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