Artist Style Competition Using Hotpants

The fashion style of Indonesian celebrities never escapes the public spotlight because appearance is number one. They also often wear the same fashion items, for example hotpants or shorts which are quite popular.

Hotpants are one of the popular trending fashion items because they can be used both for relaxing and traveling. Even many women abroad who wear hotpants to the office.

Even though they both wear hotpants, the following line of artists exudes a different vibe. From casual to sexy, some even look cute. No need to linger, take a peek at the artist’s style using hotpants below!

Nagita Slavina is currently pregnant with her second child with Raffi Ahmad. But her big belly didn’t stop her from looking stylish, one of them with hotpants. Nagita Slavina’s style of wearing hotpants looks relaxed because it is combined with a loose t-shirt. This beautiful pregnant woman has never failed to amaze netizens with her appearance.

Luna Maya wore hotpants or shorts from Coach while attending New York Fashion Week some time ago. The beautiful model paired it with a floral blouse, long coat and cool shoes which are also a collection from Coach. Luna Maya’s style of wearing hotpants is really fashionable!
Different from Nagita Slavina or Luna Maya, Jessica Iskandar’s style of wearing hotpants is more sexy. The artist who is often called Jedar combines hot pants with jeans that are already sexy with a minimal top that shows off his toned stomach. Jedar also poses very sexy.

Prilly Latuconsina chose hotpants to pair with a short-sleeved blouse and a mini bag that was really uwu. This popular star completes her fashionable look with stiletto flats. Many say Prilly’s vibe reminds them of Nagita Slavina.
Amanda Manopo’s style of wearing hotpants also looks really sexy. The soap opera star Ikatan Cinta wore it with a leather top. Amanda posed on the bed while showing off her smooth skin and bright smile. Netizens praised her beautiful from head to toe.
Rachel Vennya is one of the most popular influencers in the country. Having appeared in a hijab, this mother of two children now does not hesitate to wear minimal clothes, such as hotpants. Rachel Vennya made her style in hotpants look fashionable with a white blouse and sweet blazer.
Ayu Ting Ting chose hotpants for her style at the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia recently. The Sambalado singer combined it with a red t-shirt and white hat, the colors of the Indonesian flag. Together with her daughter, Ayu Ting Ting looks like a teenager again.
Natasha Wilona looks fashionable and cute with the denim hotpants she wore some time ago. The star of the Little Mom web series paired it with a cute yellow wrinkled croptop. Many are fascinated by Wilona’s sexy look in photos.
Celine Evangelista has proven that having lots of children doesn’t mean you have to stop looking stylish. Stefan William’s wife did not even hesitate to look sexy showing off her perfect physique. Celine once amazed many people with her style in a sexy tie dye hotpants suit.

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