AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator | Instructor LED Training By Rana Usman

This course will prepare you for Microsoft’s AZ-104 exam. The Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Trainings is a way to validate your knowledge of the common features and tools on the Azure platform, as well as your ability to use them with confidence. The Azure Administrator certification will provide you with knowledge of the Microsoft Cloud platform, especially those areas related to deploying and managing applications and infrastructure in the cloud. It also validates your ability to manage services such as storage, databases, security, and authentication. You’ll gain an understanding of how these services work together to support business needs in a hybrid cloud environment with both on-premises resources and hosted services in Azure.

This course is designed for IT professionals who have some experience with developing software applications or operating systems in a Windows Server environment; it’s also for

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

AZ-104 is an exam around IT certification that is offered by Microsoft. The main goal of this certification is to test the skills, competencies, and knowledge related to designing, deploying, and maintaining a cloud infrastructure. The exam contains 75 multiple choice questions and lasts for 90 minutes. Those who pass this exam earn a badge that says, “Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.”

AZ-104 Instructor LED Training by Rana Usman is a valuable course for System Administrators, IT Pros and Architects who deploy, configure, and monitor the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

This course will not only help you learn about the latest Azure technologies but will also teach you to use them in different scenarios. You will learn how to implement Microsoft Azure virtual networks, create and deploy web apps in Azure cloud and integrate on-premises networks with remote or hybrid cloud infrastructure. You can also learn how to design an app delivery strategy using application services like SQL Database and Service Bus or create high availability solutions that are fault tolerant by using Active Directory Domain Services.

AZ-104 Exam Tanning is just one of the many courses that Rana Usman has been teaching for years with a high rate of success.

Rana can boast of 100% passing rates on Microsoft AZ-101, 102, and 104 exams. He has been instrumental in training over 2000 professionals on these courses.

AZ-104 is an introductory Azure course that will teach administrators and operators how to deploy, maintain and manage the Azure platform By This training course is designed for individuals with little or no experience with Azure.

The AZ-104 exam is a 60-question, multiple choice exam that covers the following domains:


– Manage Identities, Certificates and Security (33% of the exam)


– Deploy and Configure Infrastructure (32% of the exam)

– Create Shared Resources (5% of the exam)

– Monitor Cloud Services (8% of the exam)                          

 – Backup & Restore Infrastructure (9% of the exam)

– Troubleshoot Issues – Instances, Networks & Components/Services (14%)

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator is a certification program designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to manage Microsoft Azure resources. You can take advantage of public cloud services when you want the benefits of scalable IT resources without experiencing the drawbacks of software and hardware procurement.

The AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator certification program provides professionals with the skills and knowledge to design, deploy, share, administer and monitor applications in an infrastructure environment. The exam is available for purchase for $179 directly from Pearson VUE or Prometric testing centers worldwide.

AZ-104 Test Training by Microsoft Azure expert Rana Usman and his team at LED Training is designed to provide skilled IT professionals with the foundations needed to succeed in the rapidly changing world of cloud computing.

If you are a skilled IT professional and looking for the go-to training on Microsoft Azure, then AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator is for you. With a proven track record of more than 30 years of teaching students, this course has been tested and proven effective for students who are preparing for the Microsoft certification exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator as well as those who want to become an IT expert in cloud computing

“This course covers IT fundamentals, Azure administrator basics, Installation and configuration of Azure infrastructure, Deploying and managing virtual machines (VMs), Log analytics, Continuous deployment (CD) of web apps

AZ-104 is a Microsoft certification exam. It is important in the field of IT to understand the various new technologies that come out every day. This course will teach you how to use AZ-104 or create content on how to pass this test using a text generator.”

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If you are looking to pass the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam, then you might want to take our AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Instructor LED Training by Rana Usman.

This course has been designed in collaboration with industry experts and leading instructors who will teach you core skills, advanced features, and implementation guidelines of this exam.

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