Begampuri Saree – Traditional Wear With Contemporary Designs

The art of Indian sarees portrays cultural affinity and the pure essence of local colors. Begampuri Sarees presents stories of handloom weavers of a small village called Begampur in West Bengal. They produce the traditional hand-woven sarees. With less embellishment and a hint of contemporary design, the appeal of Begampuri Cotton Saree spreads beyond West Bengal, beyond India. let’s explore the history of the Begampuri saree, and how it gets a modernized look to meet fashion demands.

Begampur in West Bengal is known for its hand-weaving sarees, and it is the primary occupation of the village. Traditionally, matapar sarees are the center of attraction for this village. This type of sarees does not have much work and is popular for its simple borders. However, the sale of such sarees declines, and weavers are shifting their attention to add a more modern look to these sarees. They attend training sessions that help them learn skills in designing, preparatory process, and dyeing. It introduces the new era of begampuri cotton sarees. Weavers there enhanced their skills and produced more quality, cotton sarees.

Weaving style:

Begampuri sarees show a balanced texture, and they present a contrasting border designed in red, black, orange, and pink. Weavers used the dyed cotton yarn to embellish the sarees with different stipes and figured motifs. You can buy the narrow border sarees also as they are fashionably appealing and easy to carry. The sarees with broad borders present the traditional ‘matapar’ look, and the border shows a contrasting color combination, generally in black and red.

Every saree in India reflects a different appeal to cultural diversity. Begampuri cotton sarees bring the smells of the small village where weavers define their artwork. The primary attraction of the saree is the contrast in colors reflected in the body and border of the saree.

Nothing beats the appeal of simplicity, and bengampuri sarees are designed with the same thought. The simple look and the lightweight nature make the sarees perfect for daily wear. These days, you will get an array of color combinations, and every design wins the heart of saree lovers.

The stripe pattern in a beautiful color combination reflects a unique note of the Indian hand-woven sarees. If you are a saree lover, you know very well how to take care of your saree. Dry cleaning seems to be the best option for such delicate sarees. If you are washing at home, use a mild detergent to protect its beauty.

Aevum introduces a unique collection of Begampuri cotton sarees with a modern design and note. These sarees reflect the traditional style that is combined beautifully with the contemporary design note. Aevum is a reputed Indian saree store, offering a large variety of choices for your fashion.

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