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With a rich history going back millennia, the tallit is perhaps one of the most celebrated and recognized Jewish ritual object known around the world. Whether there is a special moment such as a Bar Mitzvah, a Bat Mitzvah or a wedding ceremony in your life or in the life of a dear one, ensure to choose a tallit that represents your personal preference and style.
Undoubtedly, a handmade tallit is a fitting expression of devotion and commitment that can bring joy to the life of everyone.

This guide will tell you about the types of tallit and where to find the best tallit that is right for you.



Types of Tallitot

The Tallit Katan (the small Tallit, also referred to as the Tzitzit):

Both smaller in size and featuring less strict rules, this rectangular garment is worn by observant Jews under their regular clothing all day long. The tallit katanhas special twined and knotted fringes known as tzitzit, joined to each of its four corners to remind the Jews of the commandments of God.

The Tallit Gadol (the large Tallit):

The tallit Gadol, commonly referred to as the tallit, is essentially a large rectangular piece of cloth that has fringes attached to each of its four corners as per the Bible’s instructions. This prayer shawl is worn during the morning services in the synagogue as well as at some special lifecycle events by the male participants. Although men and boys wear the tallit from biblical times, you can now find many women wearing these prayer shawls (tallit), particularly in the non-Orthodox Reform movements, such as the Reform, Karaite, Conservative, and Reconstructionist movements.

Traditionally, the materials of choice for the tallit was only wool and to date, it remains the only preferred fabric for the most traditional-minded worshipper. It should also be noted that wool is the only kosher option as per some interpretations of Jewish law. But, nowadays, the options are almost endless for an individual, with so many fabrics, designs and color combinations used to make a tallit.

The best thing about modern tallitot is that they can be customized to any design, such as traditional or entirely fresh and unique styles, patterns, and designs at a fraction of the cost of wool. Some of Israel’s top shops, such as Galilee Silks, use tallitot as a canvas to express their creativity and their inspiration from the 3,000-year-old tradition of Israel.



Why buy tallits from Galilee Silks?

Needless to say that people are always in a constant search for the best products. Moreover, with updated and trending fashion, people’s choices have changed. Today, people want unique and special tallit designsthat can stand out in the crowd. This is where our Judaica Store serves you well. Following are some of our strengthsand advantages.

Strengths of Galilee Silks

Every individual comes to this earth with some unique and distinctive talents. Therefore, while selecting employees, we prioritize more on their talents over anything else.

• Our designers are experts in their art and hold many years of experience with manufacturing tallits.

• Some of our designers are artists as well. They create amazing color patterns that you cannot find anywhere else. Check our online shop for some of the exquisite handmade tallit sets.

• Usually, hand painting on different types of fabrics is a challenging task. But, our artisans are efficient in their job and make the work look easy, creating the best handmade designs in the industry.

• We don’t use machinery for creating the tallit or painting it. Each and every set of tallit is handmade!

• We ship uniquely designed tallit sets worldwide from Israel. So find both traditional as well as modern Jewish tallitotin our collections, suitable foryour choice and budget.

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