Boom barriers in the parking management system

Automation Parking Barriers are commonly engineered for managing vehicular access for all types of residential and commercial premises, as security has become a significant concern in its present era. These barriers are being manufactured for meeting a 100 % duty cycle for their drive mechanism has been designed to operate an encapsulated module which is filled with oil. It is mainly to ensure a minimum wearing of the mechanical parts while performed at sites with a high frequency of operations.

ASN boom barriers also offer a wide range of Boom barrier manufacturers for different site requirements ranging from Toll Booths to high-security installations in the Banking and Hotel industry. The boom barriers range is designed to last for around 15 years. Being an Indian product, these barriers take pride in ensuring its availability for spare parts and development to support at its actual cost to its valued end-users with system integrators and dealers.

We provide parking services at various malls, hospitals, commercial towers, airports, metro station, smart parking (Gwalior) etc. across India. We believe in providing complete automatic parking experience to the visitors. We have our own Parking management system such as Automatic boom barriers, Parking ticket dispenser, software etc which are installed in the parking area and it provides complete different experience to the visitors and helps to generate more revenue and maintain transparency.

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