Boosting a city’s communication with Cevap

More and more communities and town halls are looking for the best way to boost their communication. And if the dynamic LED display was the solution?

For our client CEVEP, we installed a system of three giant LED screens and thus enabled the city of La Sentinelle to disseminate its municipal information more easily.

A led screen project for our client CEVEP

For advertisers and communities, the choice of the advertising agency is essential! Thanks to its experience of more than 25 years, CEVEP develops the visibility of many companies and municipalities. The company carries out urban furniture and territorial communication projects. From advice to production, the agency located in the Paris region has complete know-how in the field of outdoor advertising.

With a strong impact on targeted audiences, CEVEP ‘s know-how in terms of advertising campaigns on road networks no longer needs to be proven.

Among the many municipalities to have trusted the agency, the city of La Sentinelle, near Valenciennes, stands out for its choice to install many digital screens. With more than 3,000 inhabitants, the small town in the north wished to equip itself with professional dynamic display equipment in several strategic locations.

It is for this purpose that we were contacted by our client to supply and install all the giant led screens.

Cevep ‘s perfect knowledge of the field of outdoor communication combined with our know-how in the manufacture and installation of giant screens made the project rewarding for everyone.

This collaboration has enabled the city to equip itself with effective means of communication that is visible to the entire population and passing motorists.

Boost the communication of a city

More and more town halls are using digital signage to modernize their communication. Our giant led screen solutions designed for communities and the public sector guarantee an optimal impact on passers-by.


For the city of La Sentinelle, led screens also appeared to be the ideal way to disseminate municipal information very easily.

For the deputy mayor in charge of the project, the objective is “to optimize the dissemination of municipal and associative information, while saving money”. To disseminate municipal information, therefore, but also to give the floor to associations on organized events, this network of panels is truly the most effective solution.

Configurable and programmable very easily thanks to players and digital signage software, the town hall is now able to manage the distribution of animated content with total autonomy.

The upstream preparation, made according to CEVEP’s plans, was crucial in the smooth running of the project. Our client provided us with the installation plans, indicating precisely the location of the future screens. A study of the land and the locations allowed us to choose the Crystal City screen as the solution adapted to the project.

The Crystal City led screen, the appropriate technical solution

It was in April 2021 that our technicians went to the north of France. On the program, not the tasting of local specialties, but the setting up of three giant led screens across the town of La Sentinelle.

We have taken into account the needs and constraints associated with an installation in an urban environment and with frequent traffic. The SMD Screens display was the right solution, but what about the brightness? the choice of pitch? of the laying structure?

Thanks to the plans submitted by CEVEP, we were able to quickly find the best solution.


The Crystal City screens, ideal for outdoor installations and in urban environments, corresponded in all respects to the needs of the project. It is therefore this lollipop-led screen that was chosen to take place in the town.

From design to final installation, including the preparation of the screens, each stage of the project has been rigorously carried out to ensure on-time delivery and fully operational equipment. In total, installing the screens, setting up the player and technical solutions took two days.

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