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Many men use expensive medications like Viagra to treat the condition known as erectile dysfunction. They provide a steady effect and are scientifically proven. However, these brands are based on their active ingredient, Sildenafil, and Fildena is an excellent example of this ingredient. Online, you can purchase Fildena at a cost three times less expensive than the original Viagra; however, the therapeutic impact of these two drugs is similar.

If you were not aware of it, you could be sure of this by learning about the molecular formula for Viagra or Generic Fildena, a drug from India. There is no difference between these two medications, except for the shape of the pills and the cost.

It is not a cause for concern because Fildena comes from India since a manufacturer must have permission from FDA and show that the drug is safe before selling the drug. Thus, all products offered by the online pharmacy come with high-quality certificates and are endorsed by the governing authorities. It is possible to purchase cheap fildena 120 and ensure that it’s a working drug for ED treatment.


Information on Fildena

Fildena is the generic name of Sildenafil citrate. These pills contain 100mg of Sildenafil and aid men suffering from weak erections in return to good sexual health. The active ingredient reaches the bloodstream slowly, and however, it effectively alters the nitrogen oxide process and the PDE-5 enzyme process. Because of this, blood circulation improves in the penis, and the man can get an erection.

The uniqueness of Sildenafil is its natural influence on the bodily process, and it doesn’t cause an erection in a hurry. This is why Fildena produces erection only when the man is sexually awakening.

The effect is maintained for four hours. After that, an increase in the stimulation of biological processes decreases, and Sildenafil stops sustaining an adequate erection.

Recommendations for the use

Before purchasing Fildena, ensure that you are not suffering from an estrogen-based type of erectile dysfunction. If low levels of testosterone cause erectile disorder and an urge to sexualize that is not satisfied, the drug is ineffective.

If an organic or psychogenic cause is the cause of ED, begin the treatment of Fildena as soon as you can.

You can take a capsule in the form of fildena 100 daily

The drug begins to work within an hour of usage and continues to work for 4 hours

It is essential to be aware of the time of drug usage to avoid a premature end of the action in the sexual encounter

Ingestion: Take the pills orally and drink an ice cube for more excellent digestion

Remember that when taking Fildena 100 mg at meals, the effects slow down. This means that you may not experience the maximum results in the first hour. So, if you’re likely to be having an exuberant night, you should use the medication in a state of a full stomach.

Do not drink fildena 150 in conjunction with alcohol or following drinking of alcohol.

The drug could cause tachycardia and hypertension in individuals suffering from heart disease. System.

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