Buy Thermal Paper Rolls from the Leading Supplier in Canada

From sales receipts to packaging labels, thermal paper rolls have become the number one choice for many industries as the most efficient printing solution.

Being the top distributors in Canada of POS systems and accessories, Master Distributors have high-quality thermal papers that are available for bulk orders. You can browse through an extensive range of products and buy Thermal paper rolls for the size you need.

We are Master Distributors, and we’re the leading wholesalers and distributors of papers, custom labels, and POS hardware.

Why Buy Thermal Paper Rolls From Master Distributors?

There are numerous benefits to using thermal paper for your POS printing needs. Whether you want the right thermal paper roll for your cash register, credit cards, or ATM machines, here are a few reasons why Master Distributors is where your search ends:


Fine printing with fewer chances of smudge.

Easy Usage

Thermal paper is very convenient and simple to manage.

High-Quality Prints

Clear and more readable print than traditional paper.


Thermal paper can work at different temperatures and are resistant to water, oil, adhesives, etc.


Thermal paper can be used for ticketing, banking, financial, gaming, transportation, parking, ATM receipt rolls, credit card machines, and POS.

Buy Thermal Paper from Master Distributors

Along with other POS hardware, you can also find top-quality thermal papers on our official website to fulfill your POS printing needs. Our thermal printing papers are ideal for producing adhesive labels and cash register rolls.

Master Distributors have an array of POS solutions, including thermal papers. Buy thermal papers and thermal paper rolls from our website with high printability and durability.

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