Can STD cause Erectile Dysfunction?

What is Erectile Dysfunction? What exactly is it?

Often referred to as ED, erectile disorder is a medical condition that is defined as the inability of maintaining an effective erection when having sexual interactions. We don’t know exactly what exactly happens at the moment. Penis are the principal male sexual organ comprising two large, cylindrical chambers. It can also contain corpora cavernosa that contain many tissues and blood vessels, as well as one main artery inside each chamber.

If you’re sexually enticed in the course of your sexual act your brain sends important chemical signals through the blood vessels in your penis. They either close or detach, which helps to ensure that the right volume of blood flows to the penis. As pressure increases the blood remains within the cavernous corpus, helping to keep the penis upright. Due to the inadequate blood flow, it is unable to remain inside the penis and will result in more dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is treatable through generic medicines. If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction it is possible to combat it using medications and natural methods like exercising, avoiding drinking, and so on. It is possible to take Super P Force 100 or Vidalista 40, and other Erectile Dysfunction treatment medications and solve your sexual issues.

What is the cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be characterized by a variety of symptoms that include difficulty in achieving an erection. It is also difficult to keep the erection going or lose interest in sexual activity and so on. The complex processes that cause male arousal. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the reason for ED.

Sexual arousal is triggered in the brain. The muscles, nerves and blood vessels, and hormones are also involved in influencing our moods. Erectile dysfunction could occur in the event of a problem due to any of these causes.

Discussion of the causes of Erectile problems can be broken down into two main groups: physical and psychological. Each category is distinct in its ED impacting factors and causes, erectile dysfunction could result from both.

Is STD related to erectile dysfunction?

A variety of sexually transmitted illnesses can affect males as well as females. However, not all of them affect the ED. Chlamydia is one such STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease that may cause other issues.

But, a prostate infection may be because of Chlamydia and can be the result of prostatitis. It is therefore not believed that only people with prostatitis will suffer from ED.

It is possible to have Chlamydia before you begin to notice symptoms. It is possible to cause more damage in the event that you are not conscious of the signs. A lot of women suffer from serious health issues related to Chlamydia.

Chlamydia symptoms are typically similar to other STDs. This means that the condition is not immediately recognized.

Here are a few of the signs that may be observed in patients with Chlamydia are:

  • The sensation of burning or pain while urinating
  • The swelling or pain of the testicles
  • Difficulty in discharge after sexual intercourse.

In this condition women may experience difficulties or pain while urinating and abdominal region, vaginal discharge and bleeding between menstrual cycles.

The long-term consequences of Chlamydia are more serious for women than males. If the infection is spread to your fallopian tube and uterus it is possible to develop a case of developing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) for women, and it could get more serious in the future. PID often affects pregnant women. PID may later develop into an ectopic pregnancy. It is an extremely serious condition in which the fetus is born outside of the uterus.

Chlamydia is a lesser concern for men, and stops the development of a child. However, if they’re affected by this condition it can cause pain in the tube that is responsible for carrying the sperm from the testicles could be persistent…

Chlamydia treatments as well as treatment for ED

Similar to other bacterial infections antibiotics are the main treatment for Chlamydia. Many are scared after being affected by the sexual issue However, it’s treated with the right treatment and medications. However, you must be on the medication that the doctor will prescribe.

It is believed that the presence of a virus can negatively affect the immune system. The body becomes infected. It isn’t a valid diagnosis. When you suffer from Chlamydia you and your partner need to undergo a full treatment of the antibiotic. In the course of treatment, it is essential to not engage in sexual sex.

The causes of treating ED

Although the issue is only affecting men, it also affects both spouses. There are many possible causes to this.


  • Chlamydia is a major potential cause of ED along with other STDs. Because of Chlamydia, you may experience ED.
  • The prostate could be infected, and this will limit blood flow to the penis, which could result in erectile dysfunction.
  • Chlamydia causes discomfort within your testicles. If you suffer from this condition, sexual relations could be uncomfortable for you, and it can affect your partner too.

Psychological reasons

A few reasons for ED could be related to psychological issues or certain situations that are sensitive may trigger feelings of sexual stimulation within the brain. If the brain can’t induce sexual sensations, individuals can be affected with ED. Because of this, certain health issues are possible, and these include

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Problems with relationships

Physical causes

A healthy blood circulation is vital to ensure an erection is maintained during sexual activity. Certain conditions can affect the penis’ blood vessels and the flow of blood could be affected, which can lead to ED.

Medicine and lifestyle choices

Smoking, drinking excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol and a few specific medicines, such as heart and kidneys, antidepressants, a drug to treat hypertension, may result in ED.

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