Car insurance: differences between owner, contractor, and driver

When it comes to car insurance, you may get confused between the different figures involved. The time has come to clarify the differences between ownercontractor, and driver.

The difference in the meaning of some terms used in the auto insurance industry is not always immediately clear. It is not rare that there is confusion between the owner, contractor, and driver of a vehicle: let’s see together what the differences are.

Car insurance: who is the owner

When we speak of the owner we refer to the owner of the insured vehicle, that is the person indicated in the vehicle registration document and the PRA.

The owner of the vehicle is also the same person with whom the risk certificate is associated. Therefore, the merit class and the insurance history, fundamental elements for the calculation of the premium, also depend on the owner. The owner of the vehicle is also the person who is entitled to pay the car or motorcycle tax.

Car insurance: who is the policyholder

The policyholder is the person who signs the insurance contract. There can be confusion between contractor and owner because these two figures do not always coincide.

The most frequent case in which the policyholder and the owner of the vehicle are two different people is the case in which the ownership of the vehicle is of a parent who grants the vehicle on loan to a child who signs the vehicle in his name & insurance policy number.

Car insurance: who is the driver

Of the three figures, the driver is perhaps the easiest to identify: the driver is the person driving the insured vehicle.

Precisely identifying the driver is very important when the policy includes precise driving formulas. This is the case of policies that provide for exclusive driving or expert driving: in the first case, the insurance coverage in the event of an accident is recognized only if the driver is the person indicated in the policy, while in the second case the coverage is valid only if the drivers have accrued certain seniority of driving or have exceeded a minimum age limit.


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