Car insurance: the ANIA Auto Service was born

Between insurance scams, hijackers, and motorists without a regular insurance contract, driving through our streets becomes more and more dangerous. ANIA will take care of it with its new Auto Door.

ANIA (National Insurance Association) has always been committed to solving problems related to the mortgage insurance world, with particular attention to motorists. With this logic, ANIA’s online car service was born, a digital portal where you can find helpful information on car insurance.

How does the ANIA auto door work?

It is possible to contact the ANIA online desk to find out the rules for activating direct compensation for damages and the procedures for compensating damages due to accidents.

Sportello Auto makes itself available to motorists even if they encounter difficulties with the ANIA – Consumer Associations conciliation procedure and help them with any disputes following road accidents.

Finally, the same also provide an application form to receive information about the risk and insurance coverage certificate.

What you cannot do with ANIA’s Auto Counter

The ANIA Auto Counter provides all the information regarding the Motor TPL legislation but cannot issue opinions on complaints and individual claims. The latter is the exclusive responsibility of the insurance companies.

The Sportello cannot even provide information on the vehicles involved in any accidents. This is why if the motorist mistakenly turns to you to find out if the other vehicle involved has insurance; they will forward the request to the Italian Information Center, which as competent in the matter, provides an answer to the applicant.

Finally, it cannot be used to understand if a given company practices low-cost RC car prices or not. For this reason, the IVASS website already exists, in which a list of actual insurance companies living and operating is drawn up.

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