Cell Phone Debt Collection – How to Stop Harassing Calls From Collectors

Cell Phone debt can be a problem to your credit and for the most part, a complete inconvenience when the harassing debt collectors begin calling constantly. So how can you deal with the problem when you are not currently able to take care of the bill? Here is a simple overview Portfolio recovery associates.

Cell Phone debt that has fallen into collections is one of the lowest forms of debt collecting period. Compared to mortgages and credit cards in default, this is not only a simple issue to get past, but it is also simple to stop the harassing calls. Starting with the bill itself many individuals on average have literally fallen into over $800 dollars or more into debt with their cell phone provider. Firs things are first however. If you decide to start a calling plan you best be able to pay your bill in the timely manner allotted by the provider as stipulated in the contract.

Of course there are the many who end up with circumstances that are beyond their control and soon enough the mobile phone is shut off and eventually the landline begins to ring off the hook from debt collectors. There are rules however to this and can be found through the FDCPA otherwise known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This act contains the any rules for debt collection agencies throughout the country and can simply be found on any search engine.

Here are some simple steps to stop the collections company from completely driving you mad. First understand that although they are by law required to stop calling after a verbal request from you, but this will not do and would not stand up in court. Sending a certified letter however with a note of cease and desist from calling will do the trick 99.9% of the time. However, if the debt collections company fails and persists on calling you simply highlight the calls to you and contact state authorities. There is a fine of approximately $1000 dollars per violation to the collection company and a means to demand they settle your bill or be persecuted.

Although you should settle what you owe, you can also request settling for a mere. 10 cents to the dollar…after all it is only a cell phone bill. Remember to understand your cell phone contract and to pay your bill in a timely manner, but if the situation arises that you cannot, remember, there are laws to help you and they are extremely advantageous.


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