Cenforce 150 Mg

Cenforce 150 Mg is a pro-drug, which means it must be taken with an additional ED treatment, it is also first-line treatment for ED.Cenforce 150 mg treats Erectile Dysfunction, it is the most commonly prescribed ED tablet.  This pill is a generic drug (equivalent to its brand name counterpart, finasteride) and can be prescribed by doctors.

Cenforce 150 mg is the brand produced by Centurion Pharmaceuticals in India. The product contains the salt of sildenafil citrate is used for male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug comes in different pack sizes with wide price ranges as per the convenience of a patient. It is an Rx drug, i.e., can be purchased when a doctor writes this medicine for a patient on a piece of paper called prescription. The same salt is available in the USA with the brand name of Viagra, produced by one of the prominent pharmaceutical industry, i.e., Pfizer.Cenforce 150 mg comes with the generic name of sildenafil citrate in the dose strength of 150 mg. The drug is used when a male does not get a satisfying erection in the penis while having sex. Sildenafil causes the hardening of the penis and a prolonged erection. Cenforce 150 mg is available on every platform. One can buy it from any medical store or any online pharmacy. It is available in the whole world. Cenforce 150mg is used for erotic disorders, a situation we commonly say as impotence. A male experiences no erection during sexual stimulation or intercourse, sildenafil helps in erecting the penis by increasing the blood flow to the penis. This situation is generally found in males of age above 30 years, the reason may be their age or health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, etc. or it may be psychological. The drug is to be taken generally 30 minutes before sex, a shorter duration treatment for the described condition.

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