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The Tourist Tax Administration has been a mountain of paperwork and difficult for the city’s administration. To improve services, they have asked us to propose an automation solution that will streamline this process!

In order to define your needs, we were wondering if you could answer a few questions about collecting tourist tax in your establishment:

1) Can you tell us what kind of information you give to travelers when they ask for the tourist tax?

2) Is there any information that you would like to receive but that is not available at this time?

3) Do travellers pay the whole amount or must you be able to create discounts?

4) Do you need to keep track of the amount paid by travellers after the payment?

5) Would you like to receive reminders about when to pay your next bill once you’ve already settled your debt with us?

6) What is the average time that it currently takes for you to pay this tax, from when a traveller asks for it, until they have paid in full?

7) Which system do you use at the moment for managing this activity and could we replace it with our solution?

Benefits of collecting tourist Tax:-

Less time spent on this activity will get you more productivity in other areas. Best Team work – Each team member can focus solely on their own tasks without having to take up valuable minutes ask others for help or perform menial labor like sending invoices through a computer system, which is cumbersome and often inefficient at best! You’ll reduce the workload of your staff while also increasing revenue because automatically billing customers saves everyone involved significant amounts precious hours every day that could be better allocated toward important business concerns such as sales & marketing outreach efforts.

When customers rent out their homes through a vacation rental company like Airbnb, they want to know that the service will be fast and reliable. With improved customer checking services levels in place by October of this year (2019), more renters can take advantage o fthese great deals!

The benefits of simplified data entry for your company are clear—reduced errors, improved reporting and increased visibility. This is all thanks to a single online portal that can be accessed at any time or place as well!


With a Hotel Payment Automation system in place, your business will be able to devote more time towards other tasks and activities. You’ll have greater control over the tourist tax process as well as accurate information about travelers needs that you may not otherwise know anything about! A better service level with increased visibility means happier employees who are excited for their work day because they feel like it’s really making a difference within this company
The benefits don’t stop there though- when people see results from what was previously only speculated upon or imagined by management teams before now existent systems became implemented – morale skyrockets.

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