With this expanding market, the demand for Custom Packing is also increasing.

The use of vape and other electronic devices is increasing by each day. Vape has other names, such as e-cigarettes, vape cigarettes, e-hookah, mods, and a few others. Moreover, vapes come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Various factors are driving this growth in vape pen markets. One such reason for the popularity of the e-cigarettes or vape pens is their unique feature of providing smoking sensation without actually burning the cigarette. And for marketing purposes, it requires vape packaging. These boxes offer safety and protection to your product. And if you want to target the mass population at one time, you have to do something different with your custom vape packaging. Unique packaging makes your product sellable among the commodity of a similar outcome.


The logo of your brand on the front side of the custom printed vape packaging is the most attractive way to grab the customers’ attention. You can select any shape of your choice to impart an exciting factor to the packaging. Similarly, try to add catchy taglines, product information, and warnings on the box.




Change in preferences and lifestyle

Health awareness among the public

Increased research and development in E-cigarette

Consumers and manufacturers shift towards recyclable cigarettes

The emerging trend of E-commerce

Fashion status

Ashless and smokeless vaping


With this expanding market, the demand for Custom Packing is also increasing. Every company is now looking for a design that can effectively convey brand value and draw customer’s attention. The electronic cigarette is less harmful than regular smoke and reduces cancer risks. This innovation has encouraged smokers to quit traditional cigarettes and go for E-cigarettes. With this changing trend aftermarket of E-cigarette also has a massive industrial growth. Research in BIS predicted that by 2025, the global e-cig industry would reach approximately $50 billion.

Disposable vape packaging wholesale can take your brand to the next level and earn you massive profit in so many ways. However, it is incredibly crucial to know that packaging is the driving factor that can break or make your business. Premium quality products wrapped in high-quality packaging preserve the taste and flavors and prevent any travel damage.


To sum up, customize boxes are a thing because environmental-friendly packaging has a separate fanbase. Customers worldwide, and especially in OECD countries, are more likely to pick products that are made of recyclable material. For instance, kraft paper, cardstock, and cardboard are preferred more as compared to plastic packaging. Disposable e-cigarette boxes that too customized make consumers fall for it. Moreover, Cardboard Boxes are more preferred by companies.

Always choose the packaging style and design according to the customers you are aiming to target. Both adults and teenagers use Vape Vaping Packaging Boxes to make packaging visually appealing for both age groups. Collaborate with the designing team and strike innovative ideas to create something that is meant to stand out.


Moreover, you can develop a customer seller relationship by showing your concerns via listing down the hazardous impacts of Vape pens. One foul tip is that try to play with the psychology of consumers. Make your packaging child-resistant as it tends to provoke them to pick such boxes. Teenagers always want to break the rules. Hence, packaging plays a vital role in making your brand and product accessible in the market.


An eco-Friendly environment with the use of Green material

Consumers are well aware of the current environmental situation. That we are facing worse pollution cases nowadays. And they are willing to use green stuff to reduce the effect of a bad environment. Therefore, they reach out to the companies who are using green material for their box manufacturing. Several companies, like Packaging USA using biodegradable material in their boxes. The consumer is getting aware of the benefits of green stuff. Therefore, they are preferring companies that are using that.



In conclusion, as the trend of using vape increased, the demand for vape packaging solutions increased. Therefore, many companies are looking for the best services in town. And if you have no idea from where to get the best Printing Services near me, Plus Printers is the best amongst all. Moreover, they also provide custom Shipping Boxes at low rates.

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