Damaged car in the parking lot: what to do with insurance?

You went to get it back and found your damaged car in the parking lot. Let’s see what are the steps to take to protect you.

Accident damage does not always occur while you are present, unfortunately, you may find your damaged car in the parking lot ignoring who is the culprit. Here’s what you need to do.

Damaged car in the parking lot: how to get compensation?

Let’s talk first of all about the complaint about the damage suffered:

  • if the car was parked in a public street or square, you have the right to file a complaint against unknown persons with the police;
  • if, on the other hand, the car was kept in a private car park, you will not be able to file a complaint.

It must be said that even in the event of a complaint it is very difficult to trace who caused the damage and obtain relative compensation from capital one.

That said, there are only two cases where you can get compensation for damage to the vehicle:

  • go back to the person responsible and also to the witnesses of the incident, to retaliate directly against the culprit (even if we have said it is a hypothesis that is unlikely to occur);
  • have taken out a vandal policy.

RC auto alone does not protect you from this type of damage, so it is not enough to cover them and you will have to put the vehicle back in place out of your pocket.

Vandalism policy: how it works

Given the limited opportunities to obtain compensation for this type of damage, if you live in a big city or you usually park on public roads in areas that are not very quiet (for example, where demonstrations are often held), you should consider subscribing to the vandal policy.

This is an ancillary and non-mandatory guarantee of car liability, and is often also referred to as ” socio-political events ” and protects the car from damage caused to the vehicle in the event, for example, of riots following marches, strikes, riots, or popular riots, acts of terrorism or even sabotage.

But especially, this ancillary warranty covers against vandalism, such as the line on the door caused on purpose.

If you have subscribed to this policy, you can get compensation for the damage suffered, but be careful! Companies to avoid abuse by policyholders can use two tools:

  • application of a deductible, i.e. an amount within which compensation for damage is not due;
  • the intervention of an expert, who makes the necessary checks to establish whether or not it was vandalism.

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