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Due to their ribs and embossed patterns, Decking Sheet Manufacturers with high strength can be used as a composite floor deck. It adheres to the concrete slab, and the two combined make up a portion of the floor structure, cutting down on the need for and expense associated with using concrete. When it is put together, it serves as a working surface, a structure for holding wet concrete, building supplies, etc. It is generally used in cement factories, power plants, and bulk material handling plants for roofing construction.

These sheets which are made by our deck sheet manufacturers are weather-resistant and are known for fast installation, are unbreakable, fire retardant, and can reduce the Weight Of Concrete Floor By 50%. We can create deck sheets in required finish lengths, coating options of Z30 to Z180 and the sheets can be available in options of different colors. They are perfect for industrial construction, warehouse, steel structure housing, and others. They are also ideal for application areas, high-rise buildings, multiplexes, power plants, and mezzanine floors. They can also be sued in thermal power plants, multi-story commercial buildings, multilayer car shade parking, shopping malls, platforms, bridges, walkways, mezzanines, silos, etc.

Special Benefits Of Our Decking Sheet Manufacturers

The deck sheets manufactured by us can be used as a composite floor system or as a permanent framework. It saves time and construction, reduces the use of concrete, saves steel usage, and decreases slab thickness. The benefits of sheets and other galavanised iron sheet also include reduced dead weight of the building, no requirement for shuttering, and no reinforcement rods TMT. We have India’s best expert team of decking sheet manufacturers. Our sheets are perfect for different paint-type options, such as PE/HDP/PVDF and others. Further, the fast and hassle-free installation of our high-strength Decking Sheet allows quick access to a working platform.

Decking Sheet

Features Water Proof
Technique Cold Rolled
Material Galvanized/PPGI/PPGL
Depth 44mm/51mm/76mm
Covers Width 910mm
Thickness 0.80mm to 2.00mm

Unique Features Of Our Decking Sheet Manufacturers

Tamper Proof, Water Proof, Corrosion Resistant; Surface Treatment are some of the features. galavanised roofing sheet, steel, and stainless steel materials make the sheets last longer and remain rust-free. Besides, our sheets ensure a stable working platform and have the quality to reduce the weight of the concrete floor which is why it is economical. Further, these sheets are lightweight and cut to length which gives easy fixing of studs, clips, and screws.

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