Details on the Admission Procedure for the AME Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Details in India

AME course details will be explained properly and briefly in this article. As aviation has set new records in India, the AME course has become popular. The students who are attracted by the aircraft love to pursue an AME course, but some are a little un aware of the complete details. It is one of the unique aviation courses in India that deals with the maintenance, repair, inspection, and overhaul of aircraft. The safety and security of aircraft are on the shoulders of skilled AMEs. Without approval from a licensed AME, no aircraft can take off.

Details of License in AME Course

The AME license is an international authorized license through which students can build their mesmerizing careers in private and government aviation sectors in India and abroad. The license is in categories such as:

B1: This license is related to certifying the sky worthy condition of the mechanical parts of the aircraft. This is further classified based on the category of the engine in it:

  • 1: B1.1 license holders are allowed to certify the fit to fly condition of the aeroplane with jet engine/s.
  • 2: Engineer with B1.2 license are allowed to issue releasing certificate of the flyable condition of the aeroplane having piston engine/s.
  • 3: A licensed person is in charge of maintaining, repairing, testing, certifying, and troubleshooting the helicopter with a jet engine.
  • 4: This license holder is responsible for the maintenance, repair, examination, and resolution of issues with the piston engine.

B2: This branch of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering commonly known as “Avionics”. This licensed person is authorized to carry out the duty of certifying the electrical system, radar system, navigation system, etc. of the aircraft.


Details of Eligibility in the AME Course

  • Aspirants must appear or have passed the 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from recognized board/university.
  • Aspirants with diplomas in Mechanical, Electrical, and Aeronautical Engineering are also eligible.
  • B Tech in any stream is allowed to pursue this course.
  • Students must not have color blindness.
  • The student should qualify for the AME CEE to be part of one of the top AME institutes in India and avail of upto 100% scholarship.


Details on the Admission Procedure for the AME Course

  • The candidate must fulfil the AME admission eligibility to be admitted.
  • The candidate should apply for the AME CEE application form at
  • After qualifying for the examination, candidates have to attend their AME CEE admission counselling to get admission to one of the premier institutes with upto 100% scholarship based on the AIR.


Details of Scope in AME Course

The scope of the AME course in India is great, which can be measured from the following points such as:

  • New airports are going to be constructed in India, which will lead to the requirement of new aircraft. Whenever aircraft demand increases, AME demand also increases.
  • Boeing and Airbus are all geared up to set up their Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) centres in India, which will create thousands of job opportunities.
  • Foreign player shows an interest in investing in the Indian aviation sector. As India became a great market for them.

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