Discovering the Best Tips for Improving Online Banking Security

Online Banking is one of the easiest and most convenient ways using which the users can easily manage their accounts at their fingertips. But, it is also much more suitable for the hackers as it is easy to hack the accounts and misuse them at their convenience. Therefore, financial institutions have increased their security to keep online banking safe from hackers and other cybercriminals. Due to the extra layer of protection, there might be certain instances when users fail to answer the security question and block access to their bank account. Furthermore, it might lead to QuickBooks Error 185 and stop users from using the online banking feature. However, to learn more about the security tips of online banking, continue reading this blog till the end. 


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Different Tips to Improve the Online Banking Security

To access the smooth and hassle-free online banking experience, you must be aware of some of the security tips that financial institutions introduce. You can easily do online banking and thus prevent the QuickBooks Error 185. 


  1. Avoid Using the Public wifi:

You can’t decide who can see your data if it’s accessed via public wifi, such as in coffee shops and hotel lobbies. It is acceptable to conduct safe web browsing at these locations. Otherwise, you must conduct online banking from your private home network. You must use your mobile data plan if you are constantly on the go and want to do online banking. If you must use public wifi, set up a virtual private network or VPN to send and receive encrypted data online. Before entering any personal information on your bank’s website, ensure that the page is secure. Additionally, you must check your browser’s address bar to ensure that it begins with “https” rather than “http.”


  1. Set up Reminders to Reset Your Password:

While opening a bank account, you are asked to create a unique password. To keep your account safe, set up reminders on your task list or calendar to change the password every few months. This is the best way to protect your data, and hackers will find it difficult to guess the password. Furthermore, you should avoid using the same passwords across your social media platforms.


  1. Inquire about Multi-Factor Authentication:

When you access your bank’s website, you must enter your login username and password. However, you may be asked for additional identification if you choose two-factor authentication. For example, it could include a temporary code, such as OTP. When you log in to your bank account, the bank will send you a temporary code via email or text message. As a result, it provides an extra layer of security to ensure that no hackers can access your account.



Although online banking is convenient, you want your financial information to be safe. Therefore, taking precautions to safeguard your accounts is essential to managing your finances. If you want to know more details about QuickBooks Error 185, connect with one of our experts.

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