DIY Green Laser Projector

Laser projectors are one of the more impressive and pleasurable applications of lasers. Without one, no genuine dance party or rave is complete. This article with go through in simple steps how to make a green laser projector in less than 20 minutes.

First of this is a rundown of hardware required

-a green laser pointer
-diffraction grinding (reflection framework)
-plastic combination epoxy and epoxy clay
-3 volt electric engine from radio shack
-metal pipes for the projector stand (4x straight lines, 4x 90 degree pipe connector, 1x T intersection)

Stage One: Make a stand utilizing the metal lines. The engine will be set in one line and the laser in another line. Ensure that the laser is lined up with the engine and test the points from the laser to the engine.

Stage Two: Drill an opening in the focal point of the diffraction grinding then, at that point, epoxy it to the engine

Stage Three: Attach the engine to a 90 degree pipe connector with epoxy

Stage four: Solder two wires onto the engine, string the wire through the funneling and join to a battery or dc power supply. You might have to stand up separated.

Stage Five: Power the engine and turn on the green laser pointer that has been lined up with the diffraction grinding and engine.

Stage Six: The projector will an extremely splendid and shining laser show when the laser shaft is reflected of the turning diffraction grinding so turn on the music, pause for a minute and have fun.

Note: Some green laser pointers will over heat so take care of regard for the laser temperature and turn when important to consider cooling.

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