Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Clip Unleashes the Franchise’s Best Flashback

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Clip Unleashes the Franchise’s Best Flashback

Dragon Ball Super is making its way through theaters with its newest feature film, and to help celebrate Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan, Toei Animation has released a major spoiler filled new trailer showing off some of the biggest spots from the new movie! With the worldwide launch of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero not hitting outside of Japan until later this Summer, it’s been tough for many fans to keep away from all of the big moments while fans online discuss notable beats from the film. Toei Animation has been holding back their promotional materials for this very reason, but that’s changed now that the film is a few weeks into its debut.

With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero now rounding out its first month’s run through theaters in Japan, Toei Animation has released a new trailer that shows off many of the major plot points fans can expect to see in action over the course of the new movie. It was region locked to Japan for fans in other territories to potentially avoid, but fans like @DbsHype on Twitter have spotted the trailer and shared it with fans all over the world. Meaning there’s no going back after seeing this one if you have held off on checking out the movie in any aspect until its official launch! So final warning, massive spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero below:

Many of the beats reports from overseas noted about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are fully showcased in the new trailer. This includes full looks at Gohan’s new form, Piccolo’s new form, a returning major villain (and their new form) along with a look at many of the huge battles that take place over the course of the new movie. It’s truly a trailer that will get any lapsed fans in Japan into the theaters to see the movie, but might be too much for fans waiting on the new movie to kick off its release in North America beginning on August 19th.

A silver lining of the hack on Toei Animation from earlier this year means that there isn’t such a huge gap in between its initial and overseas releases. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could have hit Japan back in April, and fans would have seen well more than this if that four month span ended up working out. At least now there’s not too much of a wait to see all of this major action in the film’s actual context.

How do you feel about this spoiler filled look at Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Are you still excited to check it out for yourself later this Summer? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is arriving in theaters around the world this August, and with the latest film following the Z-Fighters already on the silver screen in Japan, a new clip of the first few minutes of the film have hit the net. Taking the opportunity to dive into the history of the Red Ribbon Army, the androids, and the nefarious Cell, fans are living it up with the flashback that takes us back to the earlier days of Dragon Ball via some flashy new animation.

Following the death of Dr. Gero in Dragon Ball Z and the eventual defeat of Cell, the Red Ribbon Army came to an end, though the organization is set to return in this new film as the grandson of Dr. Gero, Dr. Hedo, is building two new androids to help in fighting against the Z-Fighters. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 obviously look quite different than the androids that we had previously come to know in Androids 16 through 18, though it’s clear that they’ll be rallying under the Red Ribbon banner this time around. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see if the Red Ribbon Army has a future following this next movie.

Twitter Users took the opportunity to capture several screenshots from the recently released clip of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which took fans on a trip to the past for the first few minutes of the movie, highlighting the earlier life of Goku while also diving into the creation and life of the Dragon Ball Z villain known as Cell:

While Super Hero is the next big project in the animated world of Dragon Ball, the creative minds behind this next film are already stating that they are working on a new project in the universe of the Z-Fighters. While the anime series has yet to reveal when, or if, it will be returning to the small screen, there is plenty of material from the manga for it to adapt whenever it does, including the likes of the Granolah The Survivor Arc and the Moro Arc to name a few.


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