What do you know about the drift boss game?

Drift boss game is a racing game and you are the owner of that car. Drift Boss will definitely be a great game that will keep you hooked on the screen for hours, whether you want to show off your driving skills or test your reflexes. The game requires the player to drive the car without slipping off the track. You need to eat the coins that you see on the road. That will help you to unlock trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, and many other vehicles with different features. The game is very interesting, fun, and full of challenges with matrix turn that are easy to make you lose control.

Features of the game

– Amazing arcade 3D environment: Sharp, vivid images, simple visuals but pops up an attractive racing field. Responsive car movements shake the player.

– Unlock cool cars by collecting extra points. Unlock trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, ambulances, and fire trucks, … Each vehicle has different strengths and weaknesses, and how to exploit it depends on the player’s control.

– Full-screen mode: There will be no longer a narrow space on a corner of the screen. You can expand the full screen to control the racing car like you are driving a real car

– Great soundtrack: Vivid sound is fun to listen to, cheering up the player’s competitive spirit

Instructions to play:

You can play simply in 2 ways and can play alone and play with many friends

On smartphone mobile devices: Touch the screen to move right, release the screen to move left.

On the computer: How to play is simple, you just need to use the mouse and control the direction of your racing car.

Move left: Arrow left

Move right: Arrow right

Move forward: Up arrow

Move back: Down arrow

To jump, you use space

Play steps:

You first start by selecting your car, a draftable vehicle then clicking the triangular play icon to go to the next page:

You control your car with the up and down left and right keys so that your car does not fly into space. Also, don’t forget to eat the coins on the track. Because it will help you change the car models that need to be unlocked to be usable. You need quick reflexes when approaching corners. Make sure not to turn too fast or too slow, it will be easy to slip out.


You will need to master the controls to have any hope of winning the drift boss game. Drift Boss will definitely be a great game that will keep you hooked on the screen for hours, whether you want to show off your driving skills or test your reflexes. You need to have accurate judgment every time the car comes to a corner

Game Tips:

 If you’re new to the game, don’t be discouraged if you don’t win right away. It takes a lot of practice to become good at drifting around corners. If you are new to driving and drifting, start with the easy levels and try not to let your frustrations about the car in front of you. Keep trying until you get a better feel for how to navigate the track. Sometimes it’s also helpful to play with friends so they can serve as goals and distract you from your frustrations.

 There are a total of 8 vehicles you can use. Let’s open each lock, in turn, to be able to use those cards. Each type of vehicle will have different advantages and disadvantages, so try playing each type of vehicle. To draw experience and promote the full advantages of those vehicles.

Why players love the game

The gameplay is easy but it’s also not easy to get a high score. Attract players to conquer the next cars

Can be played on smartphones or computers

Can be played online or offline

The sound is lively and fun and full of thrills

Requires players to have a strategy to overcome the challenges of the race

Playing a drift boss game can be a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of practice and patience. You will need to master the art of the drift. So it’s best to start with the basics

Please quickly download the game to your phone or computer to explore the drift boss game together.

Wish you have a pleasant experience

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