Dubai Desert safari

Dhow Cruise Dubai Romantic Dinner enjoyed with Dolphinarium.

There is so much excitement and excitement about taking a slow walk through Dubai Creek. A trip to Dubai Dhow Cruise can be a great way to see these beautiful things. The food is different in Dubai.

‘Visitors can see the lights of Dubai in the comfort of a traditional ship,’ said a few people who were there. To look like the lovely and beautiful Arab business people on Valentine’s Day, you have to go on this journey.

Desert Adventure Group company say “Welcome.” Soft drinks and coffee made in the traditional Arabic way can be purchased on the plane, such as water bottles. The people who work for us can help you make the drink menu to suit your evening mood. It is a great place to watch the sunset for tourists. The warm summer breeze comes from behind. The sun is setting in the distance, and it is getting late. It starts at 6pm every day.

What to Expect

It all starts in Deira. Dubai Creek has a login post. They will also tell you when to get off the boat and when to get there. To say goodbye, you will give them this wooden ship. Afterward, you will board a luxury boat and head down a creek to one of the beautiful boats. The Dhow has decks on both sides. People can sail from 845 to 900. Good night view. It has food from all over the world because there is so much. Everyone who comes to dinner will also find Indian, Italian, and Arab food to eat. A good meal will go well with your sea voyage. During your meal, you will see many traditional dances and magical performances. Don’t miss out! At the event, there will be a Tanoura dance. There will also be a cartoon game and a horse show. Many of these games are fun and a little silly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. This will happen soon. It will return to the port at 11 p.m. In about two hours, it will be back. This is one of my favorites in Dubai. We are taking a cheap dhow cruise to Dubai Creek. We also eat very well. Older dancers will learn to make a program that will make you laugh while you eat your food. You will spend the night at Dubai Creek.

Music & Entertainment:

Music is another thing that helps set the mood for a romantic dinner, like du Cruz in Dubai. Some boat trips are for DJs who play cool music, while others play traditional Arabic music. People traveling to dinner in Dubai can dance and enjoy live music.


Before taking a trip to the Dubai Dhow cruise, be sure to choose the best priced cruise company. In general, less expensive boat travel offers visitors longer trips but worse food and drink.

Dolphinarium tours:

One of the best places to know dolphins is Aqua ventures ’Dolphin Bay in Atlantis, Palm. This is because dolphins can communicate with humans in shallow water. There are many places where people can raise dolphins and swim, but Dolphinarium is not alone. As you think of the “wild” dolphin, Musandam comes to mind, and is the perfect place to see dolphins in all its glory and beauty.

Musandam Waters, best known for their tranquility and friendly wild dolphins, are a popular destination for a Dubai dinner cruise. Musandam is not located in Dubai and Oman, but it is very easy to get there by air boat. There are some of the most beautiful dolphins you have ever seen in Musandam. You can take a boat trip to Dubai and see some of the best dolphins. Many playful animals even go as far as boats in order to get people to play with them!

Dubai Creek Park:

Also, Dubai Creek Park is a great place to see dolphins and other animals. You can swim with dolphin shows and do other fun things there, too. There is a park where they are trained and raised, but you will not see them on the water in Dubai Creek.


As part of the Dhow Cruise Dubai Package, you can visit Dubai’s Dolphinarium. It is possible to see how dolphins and other animals interact with parties and exhibitions. You can book a Dubai Dhow Tour through the website by using the options above so you can see the dolphins and have a great time at the same time. It is best to choose a good travel guide who can help you make the right choice with him.


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