Dubai safari and its Beauty

The world’s top leisure tourist attraction Dubai is becoming a whole list. Tourism has increased in Dubai, and it is ironic that many people still do not know where Dubai is! In this article, I will talk about what Dubai has to offer and reveal the secrets of its popularity.

One of the reasons is the web:

The web is one of the reasons for Dubai’s popularity. Why? Photos of strange but beautiful buildings in this city travel fast on the web, especially on portals where images are shared. Search your favorite internet browser for these words: “Jumeirah Beach Hotel,” “Dubai Skyscrapers,” to prove how powerful these images are. It is a city full of amazing elements and attracts the fastest, most important, tallest, largest and tallest cities in the world. It has the most important immigrant population in the world. Of its 3,355,900 population in 2019, only 263,450 were Emirates, according to the Dubai Statistics Center, which has been around for years. Friday is a weekly holiday for the city. Keep in mind that since September 2006 the public sector and schools have been using Fridays and Saturdays as contemporary weekends.

The second reason is the habitable city:

Another reason is that the city looks very comfortable. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai offers all the amenities you would expect in the best cities in the world. From popular stores to international banks, Dubai has everything you need to turn your holiday into a fun experience. Also, since we are talking about leisure, do not forget the hotels. In Dubai, the most attractive buildings are hotels and impresses inside and out. For those who enjoy working in a multicultural environment, Dubai is an excellent place to work and there are many options for working in a fast-paced office. The city not only has great business and employment opportunities, but also a rich history that you can explore. People are traveling to this city for strong work opportunities that will allow them to live happier and safer lives. The most amazing thing about this city is that it offers great job opportunities and investment opportunities to people who come here with a clear idea of ​​what they want to achieve. READ MORE

The third reason is the weather:

The third reason is its climate. Dubai weather is one of the best in the world, especially if you like the blue skies and beaches. Its climate is subtropical. The only downside is that the weather in summer is somewhat unpleasant. However, in other hectares it is never cold. When it comes to rainfall, it is different from the tropics because the rainfall is very normal or not very high. There are only two seasons, winter and summer in Dubai, and summer in Dubai is from late April to early October. This year is varied with warm temperatures, strong winds and high humidity. Summer temperatures in Dubai are slightly lower than in other Gulf cities such as Kuwait City and Riyadh, as the city is closer to the sea. However, the city is very humid and the weather in summer is very uncomfortable. In summer, rain is uncommon, but windy conditions guarantee normal dust storms. During this time, the temperature often rises to 38 C (100 F) and drops to about 26 ° C (79 F) at night. Warning; Summer is characterized by low pressure over Dubai, with strong northwesterly winds blowing from Saudi Arabia.


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