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CompanyXYZ has asked you to assess the security of their perimeter email gateway. From your office in New York, you craft a specially formatted email message and send it across the Internet to an employee of CompanyXYZ. The employee of CompanyXYZ is aware of your test. Your email message looks like this:
To: Subject: Test message
Date: 4/3/2017 14:37
The employee of CompanyXYZ receives your email message.
This proves that CompanyXYZ’s email gateway doesn’t prevent what?

  • A. Email Phishing
  • B. Email Masquerading
  • C. Email Harvesting
  • D. Email Spoofing

Answer: D

Email spoofing is the fabrication of an email header in the hopes of duping the recipient into thinking the email originated from someone or somewhere other than the intended source. Because core email protocols do not have a built-in method of authentication, it is common for spam and phishing emails to use said spoofing to trick the recipient into trusting the origin of the message.
The ultimate goal of email spoofing is to get recipients to open, and possibly even respond to, a solicitation. Although the spoofed messages are usually just a nuisance requiring little action besides removal, the more malicious varieties can cause significant problems and sometimes pose a real security threat.


John, a professional hacker, decided to use DNS to perform data exfiltration on a target network, in this process, he embedded malicious data into the DNS protocol packets that even DNSSEC cannot detect. Using this technique. John successfully injected malware to bypass a firewall and maintained communication with the victim machine and C&C server. What is the technique employed by John to bypass the firewall?

  • A. DNS tunneling method
  • B. DNSSEC zone walking
  • C. DNS cache snooping
  • D. DNS enumeration

Answer: A

DNS tunneling may be a method wont to send data over the DNS protocol, a protocol which has never been intended for data transfer. due to that, people tend to overlook it and it’s become a well-liked but effective tool in many attacks. Most popular use case for DNS tunneling is obtaining free internet through bypassing captive portals at airports, hotels, or if you are feeling patient the not-so-cheap on the wing Wi-Fi. On those shared internet hotspots HTTP traffic is blocked until a username/password is provided, however DNS traffic is usually still allowed within the background: we will encode our HTTP traffic over DNS and voila, we’ve internet access. This sounds fun but reality is, browsing anything on DNS tunneling is slow. Like, back to 1998 slow. Another more dangerous use of DNS tunneling would be bypassing network security devices (Firewalls, DLP appliances…) to line up an immediate and unmonitored communications channel on an organisation’s network. Possibilities here are endless: Data exfiltration, fixing another penetration testing tool… you name it. To make it even more worrying, there’s an outsized amount of easy to use DNS tunneling tools out there. There’s even a minimum of one VPN over DNS protocol provider (warning: the planning of the web site is hideous, making me doubt on the legitimacy of it). As a pentester all this is often great, as a network admin not such a lot .
How does it work:
For those that ignoramus about DNS protocol but still made it here, i feel you deserve a really brief explanation on what DNS does: DNS is sort of a phonebook for the web , it translates URLs (human-friendly language, the person’s name), into an IP address (machine-friendly language, the phone number). That helps us remember many websites, same as we will remember many people’s names. For those that know what DNS is i might suggest looking here for a fast refresh on DNS protocol, but briefly what you would like to understand is: * A Record: Maps a website name to an IP address. ? * NS Record (a.k.a. Nameserver record): Maps a website name to an inventory of DNS servers, just in case our website is hosted in multiple servers. ?, Who is involved in DNS tunneling? * Client. Will launch DNS requests with data in them to a website . * One Domain that we will configure. So DNS servers will redirect its requests to an outlined server of our own. * Server. this is often the defined nameserver which can ultimately receive the DNS requests. The 6 Steps in DNS tunneling (simplified): 1. The client encodes data during a DNS request. The way it does this is often by prepending a bit of knowledge within the domain of the request. for instance : 2. The DNS request goes bent a DNS server. 3. The DNS server finds out the A register of your domain with the IP address of your server. 4. The request for is forwarded to the server. 5. The server processes regardless of the mypieceofdata was alleged to do. Let’s assume it had been an HTTP request. 6. The server replies back over DNS and woop woop, we’ve got signal.
Bypassing Firewalls through the DNS Tunneling Method DNS operates using UDP, and it has a 255-byte limit on outbound queries. Moreover, it allows only alphanumeric characters and hyphens. Such small size constraints on external queries allow DNS to be used as an ideal choice to perform data exfiltration by various malicious entities. Since corrupt or malicious data can be secretly embedded into the DNS protocol packets, even DNSSEC cannot detect the abnormality in DNS tunneling. It is effectively used by malware to bypass the firewall to maintain communication between the victim machine and the C&C server. Tools such as NSTX (, Heyoka (http://heyoka.sourceforge.netuse), and Iodine ( use this technique of tunneling traffic across DNS port 53. CEH v11 Module 12 Page 994


Shiela is an information security analyst working at HiTech Security Solutions. She is performing service version discovery using Nmap to obtain information about the running services and their versions on a target system.
Which of the following Nmap options must she use to perform service version discovery on the target host?

  • A. -sV
  • B. -SF
  • C. -SX
  • D. -SN

Answer: A


You went to great lengths to install all the necessary technologies to prevent hacking attacks, such as expensive firewalls, antivirus software, anti-spam systems and intrusion detection/prevention tools in your company’s network. You have configured the most secure policies and tightened every device on your network. You are confident that hackers will never be able to gain access to your network with complex security system in place.
Your peer, Peter Smith who works at the same department disagrees with you.
He says even the best network security technologies cannot prevent hackers gaining access to the network because of presence of “weakest link” in the security chain.
What is Peter Smith talking about?

  • A. “Polymorphic viruses” are the weakest link in the security chain since the Anti-Virus scanners will not be able to detect these attacks
  • B. Continuous Spam e-mails cannot be blocked by your security system since spammers use different techniques to bypass the filters in your gateway
  • C. Untrained staff or ignorant computer users who inadvertently become the weakest link in your security chain
  • D. “zero-day” exploits are the weakest link in the security chain since the IDS will not be able to detect these attacks

Answer: C



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