Effect of Viagratization on a Couple’s Relationship

The media’s hype around Viagra the relationship between couples with erectile dysfunction has seen radical changes. The change is observed in the way couples regarding their relationship, sexually and other. Women who are devastated at the behaviour of their partner when they take Cenforce 120 are circulating. Most of the time men choose the younger or a new partner after his virility returns. This can cause more issues to a couple rather than aiding to strengthen their previous relationships.


A lot of questions need to be addressed concerning the psychological health of men who are infertile. It is important to understand the state of affairs of the couple prior to when Viagra arrives on the scene. Couples who are still enjoying happiness in marriage despite the issue of impotency of the male spouse. Most of the times it is the case that a feeling of complacency develops within the marriage due to unfounded worries by the male. He believes that he’s no longer wanted due to the fact that he has failed to do his best in the bed. This could cause him to take extreme actions, after he has gained back his masculinity.


In the wake of the feeling that he’s not acceptable to his spouse In the midst of this, he immediately starts seeking the right partner. It also has to do with anxiety about guilt. He is embarrassed by the fact that he has not performed (or any performance). He doesn’t enjoy the degree of sexual compatibility his partner. Viagra therefore drives men to seeking out new partners.


A desire for a younger companion is a result of damaged confidence or ego. In the time of impotency and infertility, the bigger than life masculine ego can be damaged to a large degree. Therefore, when that he is prescribed Viagra or other drugs, he will let out all his sexual energy to women younger than him who causes the anger and displeasure of his lady companion. He thinks it’s the right response to the snide comments and snide remarks he was subjected to as a child when he was ineffective. In addition but he also likes trying his newfound sexual virility with younger women who have a lot of sexual energy.


Numerous psychologists are of view that the moment of ending a couple’s sex life is similar to the abrupt conclusion of a sexual experience when the male partner experiences an orgasm. The direction that a couple will take in their relationship following the impotence depends upon what the partner is male, just as the sexual activity. The guy feels that the whole thing has ended, after the impotency is declared. Even using Viagra the thought of getting the sexual attraction and chemistry that we used to have is a bit far-fetched.


The men also struggle to get over their perception of being impervious. When they start taking Viagra it is a sudden change to act like a twitching on heat. Sexual pleasure is on their list of priorities and they are determined to have a fling before the set time of four hours has passed. Although they’ve gotten over their insanity however, they lack the confidence in playing an active part in the game of sexual pleasure and even without Viagra. They are completely dependent and dependent of Viagra as an ED drug.


Viagra is the most effective method to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. However, Viagra alone will not help in returning to the previous relationship and bond that couples have. Female partners can take actions to go to the sexual therapy for erectile dysfunction as well as their male counterparts. The sessions can help create an identity of each other regardless of the absence of sexual intimacy. The sexual therapy along with Viagra is sure to assist those who are suffering to return to their former habits.

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