Elements Of Sexual Empowerment

Sexual empowerment is a recent phenomenon that helps people to understand their own desires and pleasures. Oftentimes these are missing elements in one’s sexual education. If any is given, the focus is often on abstinence, safety, or prophylactics. However, pleasure is our birthright and desire helps us claim it.

Many folks engage in unfulfilling sexual activities, expecting or hoping that their partners know more. Yet others know there is something more, but are unclear how to attain that. Sexual empowerment coaching is a path forward.

Here are some steps in the process.

Know your sexual story

List the story of what sexuality is to you. This is your own personal history. Write it all down including what you liked, what you didn’t like, that all informs who you are today and how you show up. List the solo and/or partners you’ve had. Catalog not only what you’ve experienced until now, but also your expectations as well. Great job!

Also list any sexual beliefs you hold- limiting or otherwise. Acknowledging what is in a non-judgmental way helps you release whatever no longer serves you. This will help you clarify your current sexual desires.

Bless your sexual shame

If possible, identify the origin of the sexual shame and guilt (if any). Sexual shame is often associated with trauma. Trauma is broadly used here as anything that overwhelms your nervous system. This energy (trauma) becomes enlodged in the body and needs to be released.

Trauma therapy is best done by working with a professional. Identifying the etiology or origin can help you heal from it. When you experience blockages in your body caused by trauma, bless your shame. Ignoring, averting your attention, or aggressively urging the shame to leave your body will not bring you the relief you desire. Instead bless what is. Acceptance is part of the healing path forward.

Accept your body

Sexual empowerment is inextricably connected with body positivity. Accept your body as it is and feel proud to be embodied. Don’t let the negative comments, in your mind or others, get in your way of how you feel about yourself.

Relaxing into what is will help you enjoy greater pleasure from sexual activity.

Article resource from – https://rediscoveringmybody.medium.com/elements-of-sexual-empowerment-b69bf4b82b8d

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