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In the midst of a snowstorm, a 911 call came in for a mother in labor. A father himself, Bound Brook Police Sgt. Thomas Burgin jumped into action to help deliver the baby boy.
It was 7 a.m. Saturday when Antonio Castillo Alves got home after working an overnight shift. Snow had been coming down since Friday night.
Expecting teir second child, Antonio asked his wife, Sara, how she was feeling.
“She said she is having contractions. They are 7 to 8 minutes apart,” said Antonio. “This is our second son, so we think we are good.”
The couple decides to take showers and get their 3-year-old son, João Lucca, ready to head over to the hospital.
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“Then she called me and said, ‘I don’t know, I think he’s coming,'” said Antonio, who told Sara to relax and breathe.
Sara attempted to get dressed but couldn’t move. Lying on the floor she said, “I can’t move anymore.”
Antonio called 911, and then Sara’s water broke.
“The initial information was that a woman’s water broke and the baby was coming. It was imminent,” Burgin said.
Within five minutes, Burgin got to the home first on St. Johns Place at 8:52 a.m.
He went upstairs and found Sara lying on the floor.
I tried to have her lay on her left side to help slow the labor down,” Burgin said.
As he started writing down their information on his notepad, Burgin said, Sara started saying she could feel the baby coming out.
Burgin grabbed his labor/maternity kit and could already see the baby’s head crowning.

“I told the paramedics to speed it up,” said Burgin.

In 14 years of experience on the force, Burgin said this is the first time he had to deliver a baby.

“We get calls all the time, but they usually are able to get to the hospital,” said Burgin. “I never had an actual birth. I have come close where the child was already out when I got there.”

A little nervous, Burgin remembered his training from the police academy.

Antonio said it took about four pushes to get Paulo Thomas Castillo Alves out safely. He was born just before 9 a.m. at 8.5 pounds before any other first responders arrived.

“I have two kids, so I have been there for their births,” Burgin said. “This would’ve been harder on a newer guy. But I just let my training take over and tried to stay calm.”,57930,57931,57932,57933,57934,57935,57936,57937,57938,57939,57940,57941,57942,57943,57944,57945,57946,57947,57948

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