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In the whole Volkswagen lineup, only the Tiguan generated as much talk. The Tiguan is probably the best car on the highways, especially in India, because of its design, appearance, and brand recognition from Volkswagen. Along with the mentioned aspects, the following are additional justifications for buying a Tiguan and getting to know Tiguan 1.4 TSI Review as you explore this article. Visit Volkswagen Showroom in Kolkata for taking a test drive before you fall in love and purchase the Volkswagen Tiguan.

The characteristics of the Tiguan can deliver powerful drives on even the most difficult terrain and are configured by the Tiguan Price. Most of us usually prefer to drive our upscale vehicles on the tarmac and never on unclean, muddy roads. However, if you believe that a high-end vehicle cannot deliver an impressive level of off-road performance, there’s every chance of a misunderstanding.

The Tiguan’s 4X4 potential will be apparent if you are planning a big mud-plugging drive. Owning a Tiguan is also highly recommended for its hassle-free services, which include a four-year, one-million-mile warranty and four years of roadside support as standard across its model lineup. Visit PPS Volkswagen Showrooms in Kolkata to fall in love with the Volkswagen Tiguan.

Tiguan Comfort

The comfort remains constant no matter where you sit, whether in the front or the back. The five chairs all come with the finest possible seating comfort guarantee. Both in the back and the front, there is plenty of leg and headroom. Additionally, there are N optional accessories in Tiguan available across Volkswagen Dealers in Kolkata that make life in the automobile more comfortable than ever.

This is the advantage the car has over other vehicles of a similar type. Most five-seat vehicles have less space in the back and consequently offer less comfort in the middle rear seat compared to the other two, but this is not the case with our Tiguan. For keeping your belongings, there are various convenient cubbyholes up front, including a coolbox. On SE-trim models and higher, there are also under-seat drawers for passengers in the front seats.


The Tiguan 1.4 TSI Comfortline boot is one of the largest and most adaptable of its class, offering more space than many others. On versions above the entry model, there is a sliding rear bench, a customizable boot floor, and net partitions, all of which significantly increase the boot area.


One may realize that the safety and security are much higher than usual ones because this is a high-end vehicle. The highest security and safety are provided by the emergency braking system, ABS, six airbags, hill assist, and Active Hood while these features stand to be a great preference when it comes to Tiguan 2.0 TDI Review.

What is the wait for a new Tiguan?

Volkswagen Tiguan waiting times range from 5 to 6 months for the 1.5L Tiguan and up to 6 months for some models. These were the approximate statistics for 2022. However, you can purchase a Volkswagen Tiguan with shorter waiting times at PPS Volkswagen Cars Showrooms in Kolkata.

Will there be a 2023 VW Tiguan?

For the 2023 model year, a new VW Tiguan will indeed be available. The trim model selections are anticipated to have a similar layout to the existing 2022 model. If you’re looking for a new five-seat SUV, you undoubtedly want to know when the 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan will go on sale. The official 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan release date is not yet known, though.

Behind wheel

Driving a Tiguan is generally a good idea because the dashboard is laid out in the trademark intuitive VW fashion, indicating that a button-heavy steering wheel is not necessary. The pedaling mechanism is placed well.


The Tiguan is a product of Volkswagen’s vast technological advancement, which is evident. You can feel the sophistication and wealth of technology whether you are in the Highline or the Comfortline. Additionally, it has high ground clearance, giving it the impression of a full-sized SUV rather than a little one.

What is the on-road price of the base model of the Volkswagen Tiguan?

The Volkswagen Tiguan is the company’s top-performing premium car to date. Every anticipation a person would have of the Volkswagen group is met. Visit our PPS Volkswagen Dealers Showrooms in Kolkata to learn more about the Tiguan Price in India and what it can accomplish for you. Various reasons occasionally cause the on-road price to change.


Overall the ruggedness of the Volkswagen body, features like the panoramic sunroof, rain-sensing wipers, and a Volkswagen-specific all contribute to the polished Volkswagen drive. In addition to everything mentioned above, Volkswagen Tiguan benefits from having Volkswagen service centres strategically located throughout the country. PPS Volkswagen Cars Showrooms in Kolkata provide the best offers and service with Volkswagen Tiguan when you feel affordable in going for fully premium cars.

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