Female Libido Problems and Causes


Female Libido Problems and Causes

Dr. Robert Taylor performed some experiments at Western Reserve University and found that most women with female libido issues are suffering from HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The term HSDD can also be used to mean low libido, also known as low sex drive.

Around 33% of women who took part in the study showed they had low levels of libido or female libido issues. Another 24% of women struggled to achieve orgasms. Another 14% of them experienced pain during the intercourse. The women who experienced discomfort during sexual encounters was the sole group which showed a correlation to the age.

The symptoms appear to decrease as a woman gets older. According to medical professionals, HSDD is an absence or lack of desire, or sexual fantasies that lead to sexual interactions. According to studies 37% of women who participated in the study said they had no intention of having a few sex sessions every month. Thirty-three percent of women reported thinking about having sex at least two or three times each week. The research suggests that women who are unhappy tend to think less about sex and happier women think of sex more frequently.

Women who are having issues with gastric issues could have developed an orgasmic disorder as per the experts. The condition is characterized by a constant orgasms that are not present or delayed. When testing the condition for the condition, the doctor noticed differences in the tests and he came to believe that the percentage in Sexual Orgasmic Disorder could not be determined.

The research shows the fact that 29% respondents to the survey experienced sexual orgasms, while 40% say they’re happy about their partner’s physical. According to the expert, there seems to be a wide spectrum of sexual function variations. The doctor also states that women shouldn’t feel like they have to attain their sexual peak to feel normal.

Women who experience difficulties having sex should speak to their doctor. Women with less sex-driven drives may not have a desire to sexual activity due to the cause such as the many roles women play as well as fatigue and mental causes that could have an impact on women.

Certain medications and health issues have been found to trigger female libido problems too. Depression and anxiety disorders can cause a decrease in sexual desire. Cenforce FM drugs or excessive alcohol may reduce the amount of libido. Certain birth control pills such as tranquilizers, mood stabilizers, and tranquilizers along with other medications have been found to lessen sex drives. A few antidepressants proven to reduce sex drive include those SSRIs like Zoloft, Paxil, and Prozac. Doctors suggest Wellbutrin SR, as it hasn’t demonstrated any indications of reducing or creating female libido issues.

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