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About the brand of the drug.
Fildena 120mg  is a drug used in the treatment of s*xual disorders. This well-known drug is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Ltd., in India. Fildena is primarily used to treat conditions such as impotence in men. It has been found to be effective in erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction in which men are unable to produce or maintain an adequate and prolonged penile erection during s*xual intercourse. This drug is one of the most prescribed by doctors for its efficacy and safety.

about the drug
Fildena 120 mg is a urological agent used primarily in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders in men. Physically it is a small red triangular pill and the chemical component is Sildenafil which is the main ingredient in many successful drugs including V*agra. Erectile dysfunction in men leads to poor or weak p*nile erections that can negatively affect your s*xual health. The Fildena mechanism mainly affects the blood flow to the p*nile area. This results in an erection of the penis that is usually maintained during the normal period of s*xual intercourse. It normally comes in the form of tablets in blister packs.

In the salt of the drug
Sildenafil citrate is commonly known as the “blue pill” as it is the blue component of V*agra. This FDA-approved molecule is the most widely preferred drug of choice in s*xual problems, particularly for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In erectile dysfunction, men are unable to achieve a sustained p*nile erection as blood flow to this area is restricted. The reasons for this condition can range from physical problems to psychological issues. Sildenafil is a phosphodiesteraseblocker that regulates blood flow to various organs. In the area of ​​the p*nis, it relaxes the blood vessels in the p*nis, which increases blood flow and helps achieve a normal p*nile erection.

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