Four Sexual Dysfunctions That Could prevent a pregnancy


The causes of Human Infertility

Medical research papers that are authoritative, assessing the causes of human reproduction failure, are a bit thin to the point of being. There is a popular article that was published by The British Medical Journal of Dec 1985 that was written by Dr. Mike Hull et al. The paper is still as relevant as it was twenty-five times ago at the time it first published. The authors evaluate the causes of infertility as follows:

Unknown 28 Unknown – 28

Sperm Defects 24 percent

Ovulation Failure 21 percent

Tubal Damage 14 percent

Endometriosis – 6%

Coital Failure – 6%

It is interesting to observe that despite all our efforts, and the most advanced equipment for diagnosing like MRI and CT scans it is still the largest number of cases of infertility remain unanswered or have an unknown origin. It is a stark reminder of the complexity of the human reproductive system is, and how minimal are our responsibilities to this mystery process.

A further point worth noting can be noted that the vast majority of instances of infertility in which a root cause can be identified, aren’t women-related, but the issue is actually at the masculine end of the spectrum. Sperm defects, such as the low sperm count or the oligospermia, and insufficient sperm motility or asthenospermia – together make up one quarter of all instances of infertility. So, it is logical that for all cases of infertility it is recommended to begin investigations by conducting a thorough semen test. It’s the most cost-effective and minimally invasive test, and is the most likely uncover the root causes in every instance of infertility. Yet, it is possible that this isn’t the most widely accepted concept. Cultural differences can hinder common good.

Coital Failure, which is the primary cause for childlessness is fascinating. This leads to the field of medicine that I’ve always had a special interest, namely the area caused by sexual dysfunction. Cenforce 200  pill is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. We tend to look on sexual orientation as though it has no connection to anything other than pleasure, functionality and even bedroom talent. It is not often that we consider sexual dysfunction as the primary reason behind infertility. However, we do have this study conducted by Hull to remind us of the fact that approximately 6 percent of infertile couples suffer due to sexual (meaning intercourse) inability.

However, we do not get any more details about this figure and we aren’t told what type of sexual dysfunction, for instance which causes the greatest problems for couples looking to have a baby. As a professional in this field, I am able to provide some ad hoc information on the topic. The fear of not being able to begin a pregnancy, and passing on one’s precious genes is usually a more compelling motive to seek assistance than the actual issue. In other words sexual dysfunction typically occurs first and not as a problem on its own and as the main reason behind infertility.

Four sexual problems can cause this problem that includes two for males and two for females. For men, our beloved erectile dysfunction, which is due to anxiety about performance, can be severe enough it makes reproduction impossible. Similar is the case with premature ejaculation. If the condition is severe enough, a person might be unable to stop having a ejaculation before the intercourse begins.

For women, discomfort during the period of sexual activity or dyspareunia can be so severe and constant that it renders reproduction impossible. This is also true for vaginismus. If the condition is severe enough, any attempts to have a sexual assault are doomed to fail. It is the inability to begin a pregnancy more than any other reason that causes individuals to seek assistance.

If I do return to this issue, I’d like to speak about the foolishness of excessively ragged adherence to a frequently believed to be “fertile cycle ” and the fact that this can be detrimental to your fertility. It is also important to address the various cures for low fertility levels. These two areas make abundant pickings for sharks who swarm the Internet waters where infertile and vulnerable individuals hang out.

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