Gain optimal performance with our low-maintenance LED vapor proof light

Customarily known as the wet location fixtures, the LED vapor proof light comes in sealed and washer-covered light fittings that offer optimal illumination for both indoor and outdoor environments. Such lights can effectively withstand harsh outside conditions including dust, dampness, and water.

They can be easily affixed on the walls, ceilings, or any under surfaces proving to be highly functional in commercial establishments and industrial facilities, where exposure to humidity and dirt is a routine process. Nevertheless, these LED fixtures can be ascertained for installation, depending on the distinct needs of the customers, and subject to the budget specifications.

How Affordable lighting Prove Its Worth By Offering Vapor Proof Lights for Industries?

Made From a Nonreactive and Weather-Tight Constitution

The LED vapor tight lights are fabricated of rust-free and weatherproof materials, wherein they are reinforced with shockproof and highly resilient poly carbonate or die-cast aluminum alloy holders. Such casings are optimally powder-coated that cover the toughened glass lens, which aids in negating the dilemmas arising from defacement and decomposition. In addition, the corrosion-free surface-mounted framework of these LED lights comes with a drill-less facility and easier and faster erection procedures.

Moreover, such vapor-proof lighting fixture also comes with an IP65 rating, which means they provide an optimal level of protection against water, dirt, dust, explosion, therein maintaining the lights safe and dry. They also ensure to stop any airborne particulates from defacing the glass, and the lights inside, while negating any toxic emissions to the surrounding ecosystem.

Consistent and Prolonged Illumination

Again, the LED vapor-proof lighting facility brings forth constant radiance with its 8000-lumen output and is available in two distinct color degrees of cold white and natural white with 6500K and 4500K respectively. For long-lasting usages, such lights can be ordered in airtight fittings to safeguard their features from the extreme environment. Besides, they produce a consistent and balanced apportionment of lights that bring in an enhanced capability of optimal brightness, particularly essential for the commercial and industrial facilities such as chemical and food manufacturing plants needing higher throughput LEDs for better visibility.

Ideal Energy-Savings

In addition, the LED vapor-proof headlamps are modeled to provide maximum energy savings for any location. In this context, the 4 foot LED vapor light encompasses 12-55 W that furnishes around 40% to 60% decrease in the energy utilization ratio, compared to any standard vapor lighting system. Moreover, these vapor-secured LEDs can easily tolerate all weather conditions, from profound humidity to bitter cold or torridity.

With a prolonged lifespan and increased efficiency, such vapor-tight LEDs can conveniently endure 25 times more than any standard lights. Such heavy-duty Vapor-proof or VPM LEDs from Affordable lighting can be the optimal option for Eco-friendly LED lighting services.

A Broader Gamut of Usages 

With all-weather tolerable attributes, such vapor-proof LEDs can be the best option available for any outdoor or indoor facilities, and come with a degree extent of -4°F to 113°F. Such effective lighting systems can be readily used for outdoor public facilities such as tunnels, parking lots, cold storages, highways, warehouses, car washing garages, amongst many others.

Budget-Friendly and Easy To Sustain 

Additionally, the LED vapor lights come with extended serviceable life and are not damaged from the constant lighting cycles of on and off. Besides, such energy-efficient LEDs furnish long-lasting experiences for the commercial or residential users functioning for around 23 years, operating at 6 hours per day.

With low maintenance, such vapor-based LEDs offer a prolonged life cycle of a minimum of two to four times that of other lighting facilities, wherein they control the price of buying such LEDs, including the costs of substitutes. Further more, these LED vapor tight illumination systems can be reinforced with identical LED strips and fitters that can be ordered with the fittings.

Final Verdict

Cognizing the integral upsides furnished by the LED vapor proof light from Affordable lighting, it is highly recommended for commercial and industrial owners to acquire such optimal illumination for augmented energy efficiency and durability.

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