Gearbox Manufacturers in India

An industrial gearbox is a system used to transfer mechanical energy from one device to another, while also increasing torque and reducing speed. The gearbox helps change speed, using torque to convert energy into a compatible format. These devices are very useful in facilitating industrial mechanical operation.

Some of the commonly used gearboxes that can be purchased from gearbox manufacturers are helical coaxial line, helical gearboxes, helical bevel gearboxes, helical bevel gearboxes, worm reduction gearboxes and planetary gearboxes.

Gearbox applications

One can easily check out all the different varieties of gearboxes available at the nearest gearbox manufacturers. These devices are used in several large scale industries such as:

Paper industry: To ensure the smooth running of paper industry machines, the industry uses different types of gearboxes made of steel, aluminum alloys, cast iron and steel.

Cement Industry: Cement industry employs gearboxes which can withstand high torque compared to others. The two main commonly used types are helical bevel gearbox and parallel shaft which help in features like speed reduction and engine boost.
Sugar Industry: Sugar industry is one of the largest industries employing a large variety of machine gearboxes such as helical, planetary and many more.

Iron and Steel Industry: The iron and steel industry comprises of heavy and sturdy machines. Various different types of gearboxes used in this industry are pinion, planetary and many more.

Others: There are many other industries where gearboxes find their usage today, such as printing and packing industry, sewage treatment, shipbuilding, hoisting industry, conveyor line, assembly line and many others.

Importance of gearboxes

The gearbox plays an important role in the complete power transmission system. They come in all sorts of sizes, types and shapes. They can be both mechanical and automatic. Depending on how they function, they play an important role in different places. For example, in the case of a vehicle, the gearboxes are associated with the drive shafts. The output is then transmitted through the drive shafts to several other differentials which in turn allow the wheel to rotate and push the vehicle forward.

Gearboxes find applications in both electric motors and windmills. It helps produce the horsepower that allows you to generate similar speed. They are implemented for flawless mechanical system design. Depending on the needs of each industry, you can also get custom designed gearboxes from gearbox manufacturers. Out of all the varieties, planetary gearboxes are the most commonly used and widely used especially in vehicles and automobiles. They are connected to the crankshaft containing a large number of individual parts.

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As technology advances, it is becoming very possible to reduce the temperature and noise produced during shift operation while maintaining the consistency of operation. Different gearboxes such as greaves gearboxes and helical gearboxes find their relevance in multiple large-scale industries such as sugar, cement, paper, steel and pulp. You can also place an order for a custom gearbox designed according to your industry requirements from your nearest gearbox manufacturers.

Gearbox manufacturers in India

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