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The court issued the order called The Family Violence Intervention Order to make an offence for the person who commits the family violence against another. The main aim of establishing the order is to prevent the person from committing any kind of family violence. These do not give the perpetrator of the family violence a criminal record. Seeking a family violence intervention orders lawyer would be a suitable option for getting the proper advice about obtaining the intervention order. Normally, the application process needs to be done by the applicant themselves.

How To Make An Intervention Order?

Normally, the Intervention Order needs to be applied by the appliance. With the guidance of the lawyer, it is quite an easier option to complete the application. Whether you are making the Intervention Order, it will be determined later at the Magistrates’ Court during the hearing. Hiring the best personal safety intervention orders lawyer would be a suitable option for getting your stress resolved. Intervention Order is applied in two ways, and these include the    Self-Initiated Intervention Order and Police Initiated Safety Notice.

Seeking The Professional Lawyers:

Family Violence Intervention Order lawyer offers advice and representation to both Applicants and Respondents. Whether you are applying for Intervention Order before the Magistrates’ Court, then you could easily seek the counsel of the best lawyers. They would provide you with the appropriate guidance all through the application and case. Personal Safety Intervention Order lawyer gives you a better option for getting you the complete peace of mind to the greatest extent. The order lets you be charged with offences, summonsed or bailed for appearing in the court in relation to the Personal Safety Notice. Self-Initiated Intervention Order involves the person making the application in person with completing and lodging the applications in the Magistrates’ Court.

Police Initiated Safety Notice:

The Police could also make the application for an Intervention Order on the child’s behalf or person if they are concerned when they are at the risk of family violence. When you are much concerned about your child’s or your own safety, then you could easily access the local police station and seek assistance. If the application for Intervention Order has been made, then it would be served on the family member against whom the allegation is made. The court date would be set so that the Respondent would require to have the chance to respond to the order. Apart from these, when you require any immediate protection on the Intervention Order, then you can easily make the Interim Intervention Order application. These can be made on the same day the application is submitted.

Breaches Of Intervention Order:

When the Respondent does not follow the order, then it is called a contravention. Normally, beaching or breaking the court order is a crime. Police would investigate the Intervention Order breaches. When they find the Respondent has breached the order, then they could charge the Respondent.  Normally, the Consequences of breaching the family violence intervention orders include the term of imprisonment or heavy fines. When you are concerned that Respondent has breached an Intervention Order, then you could access the local police station and make a report. Having the appropriate evidence is more important for keeping the records of what happened.

IVO Breaches:

The IVO breaches would be treated as one of the most serious crimes by the Court and Police. The maximum penalty for a single breach of IVO condition will be a substantial fine or two years in jail. Sometimes, it could be both jail imprisonment and heavy fines. The maximum penalty for persistently breaching the Family IVO will be a substantial fine or five years imprisonment. When you or your loved one has the Breach of IVO case, then you can easily contact the well-experienced lawyers. The leading personal safety intervention orders lawyer would ensure that you get justice legally. They would defend your case with all the evidence.

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