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Drug prosecution in Australia is serious. Government has resources for investigating and prosecuting drug cases. Drug crime is the act of unlawful drug possession and illegal drug use. It is also a crime to prepare drugs for sale, trafficking or selling drugs in the country. Drug crimes in Australia come under Section 307.1(1) of the Criminal Code Act 1995.

When you are accused or even suspected of having a drug or drug offence, then it is important to contact the drug charge offence lawyer immediately. Qualified and experienced drug lawyers can represent and protect your case legally. When you are accused of trafficking of the drugs, it is quite important to act quickly.

Drug Offences Lawyer:

The consequences of being charged for drug usage or possession could lead to severe crime. You would be facing penalty or imprisonment for the drug crime. These could also destroy your livelihood, your future prospects, your relationship with your family, and even your employment. Any drug charges could also restrict you from travelling to many countries or states. Contacting the best drug offences lawyer melbourne, would be a suitable way for easily getting your case defended in court.

All the drug charges are serious as they could lead to the serve more penalties that include heavy fines, harsh Community Corrections Orders, imprisonment and more.
Facing The Drug Charges:

When you are facing a drug charge, then it could lead to far-reaching consequences that include employment, raising finance, travel restrictions and many more. Best drug offences lawyers are well experienced in all types of drug cases that range from large scale drug trafficking. They would provide a completely proactive approach for all the drug charges.

Normally, the proven track record about the best results could also give you the complete option for choosing a team accordingly. Various types of drug offences and charges are Drug cultivation, Drug possession, Drug trafficking, and Drug importations. Normally, there are also many numbers drugs that lead to drug-related charges.

Quantity Of Drugs:

Normally, the quantity of drugs makes a massive difference for all the types of drug charges that the official could charge you for. These mainly make a massive difference in the penalty of the person that they face. There are 3 divisions especially reflecting the difference in the drug quantities that includes the commercial quantities, Non-commercial quantities, large commercial quantities and more.

People would also be charged with a combination of drug charges that include drug trafficking in the commercial quantity. It also varies with the drug trafficking across the non-commercial quantity.

Representing Your Case:

Normally, the professional team of drug lawyers has years of experience as well as they are expertise in representing the clients who are facing drug charges. Well experienced drug offences lawyers have won many numbers of cases for clients who are facing serious charges relating to the possession of drugs. Professional lawyers would be representing your case in a much more efficient manner, even without any hassle.

Most potential defenses for the drug trafficking charges would vary based on the number of drugs that are involved. Whether you are charged with drug trafficking or any other crime, then consulting a professional lawyer would be the best option.


Penalties for drug trafficking varies based on 3 types such as Trafficking non-commercial quantity, Trafficking commercial quantity and Trafficking large commercial quantity. An individual would be facing 15 years imprisonment for Trafficking non-commercial quantity and 25 years imprisonment for Trafficking commercial quantity. There will be Life imprisonment for the person who engages with Trafficking in large commercial quantities.

Seeking the drug offences lawyer melbourne will be the best option for easily getting you justice legally. When you are subject to drug charges, then the drug lawyers recommend that you make no comment to the police or any other person other than your name, address and date of birth.

Do you want to speak to someone about your drug charges? Getting expert legal advice for the drug charges helps you to get out of the case legally.

Josh Smith Legal Barristers and Solicitors are well versed in handling drug offence cases. Experts’ drug lawyers helped thousands of clients charged with all types of drug offences.

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