Guide You 10 Ways To Decorate Small Bedroom Decor Simple But Beautiful

Surely each of us has the desire to go home and lie down in our room to rest and relax after a long day of stressful and tiring work at the company. It doesn’t matter how big or small the room is, but it’s okay to have the warmth of family, the atmosphere of reunion God says you are canvas

1. Use handmade items to decorate your small bedroom, saving and simply

In the simple guide to self-organizing a small bedroom, you cannot ignore super cute handmade items such as dried flower baskets, flower vases, decorative lights, etc. You can use old bottles or use them. Hard paper to create unique shapes, handmade items create a unique nuance for the room.
In addition, you can also use colored paper, cut them into flowers, or fold them into many animals and shapes to decorate the bedroom wall more sparkling.
Handmade items are very affordable and you can create according to your ideas and preferences whatever style you feel like. Hand-painted or embroidered jigsaw puzzles are not bad ideas to make the bedroom more special.
2. Self-decorate the small, simple bedroom with curtains
A bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a pair of stylish curtains that gracefully hang from your window. You can use light colored curtains to keep the space private and quiet. Plus it will give you a deeper and better sleep with your favorite colors. The reason is that you will feel more secure or feel immersed in the peace of the room.
For a room with a modest area, you should take advantage of natural light by designing glass doors. This idea will help the room feel more airy and open. Moreover, you will also easily catch the sunlight from outside into the room on days when the weather is not harsh.

3. Decorate your bedroom simply with stylish wallpaper and foam wall stickers
In the ways of decorating small bedrooms, the use of wallpaper is also quite popular. It gives you a sense of peace in the space you desire. Cloud wallpaper for blue lovers, for example, or a forest wallpaper for a greener room.
The advantage of paper and foam wall stickers is that there are many colors and patterns that are suitable for all spaces, and easy to construct. Just using the right color and pattern, the wallpaper will help the room become more spacious and fresh. And you will be addicted to your room!
Fathers and mothers often like to choose wallpaper with cute, eye-catching and outstanding colors to decorate the children’s bedroom. This is considered an important part in the construction of children’s room furniture, helping children feel the room becomes more comfortable and lovely.
Besides choosing bedroom wallpaper that is suitable for each person’s age and preferences, choosing them to suit feng shui is something that cannot be ignored. Take a look at your destiny, year of birth, main furniture… to choose the most suitable wallpaper model, ensuring the most harmony and comfort for the owner of the room.
4. Use all kinds of shelves, wall cabinets to decorate the bedroom of children and parents
Cabinets are inherently bulky and space-consuming furniture, so in the way of decorating a small bedroom by yourself, you should minimize the use of cabinets. If so, you should also design wall cabinets or cabinets close to the ceiling to make the space more airy.
The shelves with different sizes and different designs will help your bedroom have more beautiful display space. Depending on the area of ​​​​the room, we choose the size and color of the shelves to create harmony and harmony for the overall room.
For newlyweds, office workers, students and possibly elders, the design of a bedroom decoration bookshelf is an interesting idea. This is a way to decorate a bedroom with a “small” area that is quite popular with those who have a passion for books.
Everyone has a different hobby, some people will spend 30 minutes before going to bed to read books, some people will read books when they wake up, etc. Therefore, a simple, multi-storey bookshelf will be designed where bedside, this is the ideal and convenient place for owners of small bedrooms. In addition, the simple design of the bookshelf also makes the room uncluttered in a tight space.
5. Decorating the bedroom to create accents with art pictures
A modern living space cannot be without the presence of art wall paintings. Your bedroom space will become more beautiful, more luxurious and more sophisticated.
In addition to reflecting the interests, personality and wishes of the owner of the room, it is also necessary to adhere to the principles of feng shui. Because it will affect health, sleep, love and some other bad effects in life.
Choose pictures with bright, happy and funny colors, good characters. You can choose children’s bedroom water paintings that are animal images with good meanings such as horses for boys’ bedrooms to bring happiness and help children be braver.
6. Decorate the bedroom with a larger bedroom with carpets
With a relatively small area, choosing a “floor mat” always makes many people ponder because they do not know how to choose to create a feeling of comfort as well as color harmony in the bedroom. “small” area.
When choosing a carpet for the bedroom, to create a cozy, peaceful, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, you should give priority to choosing carpet products for the bedroom with a single-color design with neutral colors such as: brown, cream yellow, deep beige, gray, …. These are considered colors that are easy to coordinate with interior design in the family. If you want your room to be fresh and stylish, you can choose a patterned carpet, or a combination of textures.
Currently, to meet the needs of consumers, the “floor mats” are designed with many different sizes and colors. Usually when arranging a small bedroom you will find it difficult to put a sizable rug in the room, but buy a delicate white fluffy rug to put right at the foot of the bed?
Not a bad idea, you can choose square or rectangular carpets but the room area is quite small, then Manh He recommends choosing a carpet with a round shape, simple colors and the same gamut but should be different in tone with furniture. Furniture such as beds, cabinets, beddings, pillows, etc. A unified space of color will create harmony and make your “small” room become lighter.
7. Decorate your bedroom with a headboard wall
Beautifying the bedroom with a headboard wall is one of the effective solutions chosen by many homeowners today. All types of wallpaper have different colors, sizes, and textures, suitable for the choice of many customers.
Interior construction of the bedroom using wooden headboard wall panels is a familiar choice in traditional and modern styles. Besides, the variety of bedroom wall materials on the market, you will easily choose for yourself the right style and suitable for the general style of the bedroom.
8. Choose bedroom paint colors that suit your taste and feng shui
The bedroom paint color is an important factor that determines the space’s emotions every time you return to your own corner. Choosing a beautiful paint color for the bedroom will stimulate the eye, make you feel excited, will create a great relaxing atmosphere for you.
Color always has a very important meaning in the interior design of apartments and townhouses today. In addition to being a factor that brings aesthetic beauty, the color of the house also shows the personality of the owner. You can choose colors to decorate your bedroom according to your preferences as well as feng shui
9. Decor of green plants in the bedroom helps to purify the fresh air
Decorating a small bedroom with green plants not only brings a fresh and natural beauty, but also has a great detoxifying and health protection effect. Especially for people who often have to work under stress, which can easily lead to insomnia, planting some houseplants will help improve your mood, making it easier for you to have a good night’s sleep.
Depending on the tree’s properties: sun-tolerant plants, cool-loving plants, plants that need direct light, or plants that need to live in a stable temperature, … you can arrange the location to suit the attributes. nature of the tree

10. Decorate your bedroom beautifully with led lights
Lamps are an indispensable item in any room. To make your room more shimmering and poetic, decorate your bedroom with LED lights to bring a beauty of your own.
There are many ways for you to decorate your bedroom with led lights, you can be creative according to your preferences. Decorative LED lights have large balls, small balls, depending on your preferences. Small balls with many balls can be decorated according to many themes such as the idea of ​​​​making the starry sky at night, sparkling firefly lights, …. large balls are often more monotonous, so sometimes people also combine them. these 2 types together.

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