Have You TriedEdibles Gummies?

The edibles gummies 300mg are delicious and addictive. Although many already know it, there are still those who do not understand that the origin of these delightful chewy candies is in the slaughterhouses. And it is that to make the beloved “bears,” bones, skin, nails, and cartilage of pig and cow are used (more pig than cow: 60% of its composition corresponds to the pig’s rind, while 40% comes from the cow). All this is crushed (once it has been sterilized) and turns into powder, a process.


Gummies were developed in 1900 in Germany. 


Gelatin added in edibles gummies 300mg is pure collagen, a protein that is favorable for the elasticity of the skin and the strength of our nails, is necessary for the entire body in general (it is found in almost 80% of the connective tissue). 


On the other hand, edible gummies 300mg on the market are enriched with vitamins (A, C, D, and E), giving this candy a point in favor. And if we add to this the fact that, according to some specialists, the amount of sugar in this candy is less than that of other candies. We can consider these candies a great option to calm the craving for sweets.


The truth about gummies: what are they made of?


Worms, colored bears, sugar hearts think of any of these figures, in most cases, are automatically referred to as gummies. Its colors and flavors have made this candy an unavoidable treat or the best way to reward a child. Having a pack of edibles gummies 300mg in your hands is not usually enough, and at least one notices it: he eats them all!


So why edibles gummies 300mg


Edibles gummies are widely consumed, and their flavor is so captivating that we could say that they have managed to gain a vast space in the diet of many Americans. What are they made of? Do they provide any nutrients to the body? Can they be harmful? 


Now yes, let’s analyze each of its components

Edibles gummies 300mg are confectionery products made of a solid paste made with flavored and colored sugar and many additives. They come in different shapes and sizes to captivate buyers.

In an investigation carried out, it was revealed that between 70% and 80% of its content is made up mainly of simple sugars (glucose, fructose, and sucrose). Every 100 grams of product carries between 320 and 360 calories.

For example, if a package of gummies contains approximately 80 grams, the nutrition label states that each serving is 14 grams. That is, the complete package offers us 5.7 portions:

As explained, the consumption of a pack of gums, according to age, can cover up to 25% of the total calories required by a boy or girl less than five years of age during the day.

Similarly, when consuming the package, the consumption of sugar significantly exceeds the recommendation of sugar intake made by the World Health Organization, which asks to reduce the consumption of free sugars throughout the life cycle.

For both adults and children, consumption of free sugars should be reduced to less than 10% of total caloric intake. A reduction below 5% of total caloric intake would produce additional health benefits.


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