Heart Attacks! More Sex Could Lower the Risk!

Heart Attacks! More Sex Could Lower the Risk!

A study conducted recently showed that the frequency of sexual activities for males was a sign of general health.

Everyone is looking for ways to lessen the risk of heart attacks that occur in our daily day. It doesn’t matter if it’s our loved ones or our own. When we talk about the things that will benefit your heart, then it was going to lead to sexual sex.

The rate of heart diseases increased dramatically when the the frequency of intercourse fell below minimum every two weeks. What the study didn’t establish was whether the presence of cardiovascular disease reduced the frequency of sex or whether having the frequency of sexual activity once a month or less was a precursor to heart diseases such as excessive cholesterol levels, P.A.D. and stroke, or heart attacks.

The study revealed that those who engaged at least once per week in sexual activities were less likely to develop any kind of heart disease. This includes erectile dysfunction. P.A.D. is not considered in this study, but it is linked to the presence of cholesterol as well as overall platelet activity. In line with higher activity, this disease is less likely to pose an issue for men who are physically active. Cenforce Professional medicine is used to treat impotency in men.

Susan P. Hall of the New England Research Institute reported that those who engaged in sexual activity at least two times every week had a significantly lower risk of developing heart disease in a study that lasted 16 years of over 1100 men than those who had one or less every month.

Hall and coworkers analyzed the participants of their study of men who participated in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, studying erectile dysfunction and other factors that affect sexual function, including sexual libido.

The conclusion of the research was that as the frequency of sexual activity declines, the likelihood of having erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases increased. This is a possible indication of heart attacks too.

It is not clear what caused the other. More sex leads to heart disease or due to lesser sexual contact. Sex in the form of more or less is a decision, so my question is, why not pick something that indicates less risk of heart attack. I have concluded that the more vigorous an individual can be throughout his life the more beneficial. Active means physically active in the aerobic sense and also engaged in intimate situations in the intimate space. What we’ve known for a long time remains true. Inactivity results in atrophy that leads to health issues that are dangerous in one way or other.

Researchers have published their results in American Journal of Cardiology. Here you can view their complete findings.

The conclusion of the researchers also revealed that the man’s libido as well as capacity to sexually engage can be an indicator for overall health specifically as a sign of cardiovascular disease.

Another reason the study identified was those who had the highest sexual time of at least twice every week were also having a long-term satisfying relationship, which showed less stress. Stress is not a healthy state of mind and an indicator of healthier heart health.

Men can learn from this research is that the health of our sexual organs is linked with our health in the cardiovascular department, and one can be a fairly accurate gauge for the others. We must be active in all aspects of our lives to lead the life we want to live.


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