High-Speed Thai VPS and Server Hosting

Server and VPS Hosting in Thailand

Our focus is on providing Thai VPS hosting that is fast, reliable, and affordable. All Asia VPS hosting plans come with full root access and are on high-end Bangkok servers in a modern data center.

Our starter plan prices are a cheap Thailand VPS option, and during checkout there are plenty of upgrades for RAM, CPUs, storage (disk space), bandwidth transfer limits, 100mbps connection, backup storage, IP addresses and more. You’ll get a live quote before needing to pay anything.

Host Locally for Faster Loading

By choosing our hosting for your websites, you remove a lot of the stress of making things load quickly locally. Having a fast and local Thai server is the first and biggest step towards making your website load quickly for your target market.

All plans will be on a highly optimized, low occupancy servers to provide premium level hosting to our customers. Our Thai servers are purposely kept at effective occupancy levels where performance is constantly monitored and adjusted.

Turbo Charge Your CMS with a Thai VPS

WordPress and other CMS respond and load faster locally when on a Bangkok Server. Our hosting is perfect for Thailand and nearby.

The company behind XXI Web Hosting has been providing internationally managed hosting in Thailand for more than a decade. All Thai hosting is through a registered Thai company providing high speed servers in Bangkok.

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