How Important are Corporate health and wellness programs within an Organization?

Nowadays, the corporate world isn’t just about working from 9-5 and getting paychecks anymore. With so many changes occurring in our society, corporate organizations are also shifting their traditional approaches to operating. Irrespective of the size, every organization focuses on the wellness of its employees.

Ideally, businesses that support workers at various phases realize that fostering a healthy and managed workplace leads to productivity and excellent employee retention. They notice a few crucial changes such as enthusiasm in employees or a much environment and thus high-interest rates in the organization.

Importance of Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

The success of an organization is equivalent to the wellness of its employees. After all, the employees’ inputs significantly add up to the annual outputs of the organization. Due to an unhealthy working environment and strict deadlines, these corporate health and wellbeing programs are helping organizations in lowering absenteeism and health problems of the employees. Regular working hours could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle resulting in low productivity. As a result, fostering workplace wellness inside a firm has recently become a global concern.

Low Level of Stress and Anxiety Among Employees

Employee productivity is an organization’s Crux, making their health a stumbling hurdle for productivity. Cases of depression and anxiety are often seen in employees of the corporate world. Now and then, work burnout could cause people to quit their jobs.

Increased Productivity

Job insecurity can lead to insecurity among employees. As a result, they tend to work more than their body allows them. This whole process is known as “presenteeism .”This process can affect the employees’ health and the success of an organization. On the contrary, an employee’s well-being can significantly raise an organization’s productivity.

Various research has proved that low productivity due to poor health conditions of the employees can be two or three times higher than the basic healthcare expenses of an employee. Hence, enrolling in a wellness program is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for companies. Reinforcing the fact that a healthy ecosystem is a substantially more beneficiary for an organization.

Increases Employees Retention

Some organizations, especially SMEs, have a limited budget, which they must spend wisely. Hiring a new employee takes a lot of costs, time, and effort. You have to go through many interviews, and even after that, some organizations cannot hire the ideal candidate. Even when you find a perfect person, continuous hours of workload, deadlines, etc., could lead to significant health disorders in your employees. The whole hiring process can cost organizations much more than they will actually redeem in the initial years after the hiring.

Furthermore, the healthcare expenses and costs for their leaves can significantly impact the organization’s revenues. Investing in corporate health and well-being programs can save you from all the trouble. Furthermore, it will make your staff feel more secure and valued. This increased professional well-being increases employee retention, saving big bucks for your organization!

Improved Health Behaviors

An essential advantage of implementing a wellness program is that it improves employees’ physical and emotional health by assisting them in adopting healthy behaviors in their daily activities. Therefore, enrolling in a wellness program is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for companies

These healthy behaviors could be regular physical exercise, meditation or yoga workshops and proper nutritional meals in the canteen. It also helps in reducing harmful habits such as smoking and substance addiction. It eventually leads to a lower risk of health problems and prevents chronic illnesses among employees.

Furthermore, minimal health risks are the foundation of optimum health, and a healthy individual is less prone to succumb to depression and or other health diseases. Hence, corporate health and wellness programs also improve employees’ health behaviors.

Increased Engagement Among Employees

Companies that organize corporate wellness programs every once in a while have seen better engagement among their employees. These programs create a focused and enthusiastic work environment that keeps employees motivated and excited about the upcoming challenges and opportunities in their work areas. Corporate health and wellbeing programs involve various group activities which help engage employees and build strong relationships among employees.

It gives people the impression that they are having a beneficial effect on other elements of their lives. These programs eventually help the employees decide to continue with the organization in the long run.

Theirs is a never-ending list of benefits of corporate health and wellbeing programs. Not only it reduces stress, but it also reduces the absenteeism of employees in the organization. Such programs upgrade the working morale of employees, which eventually results in increased productivity and hence increased ROI.

A small investment in your employees’ wellness programs today can provide significant benefits for your organization in the future. So isn’t it worth it? Consider our suggestions and let us know what you think about such programs.


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